Find Interesting, Unique Valentine's Day Gifts at Southgate Coins

Each year, big-box stores are overrun with the typical Valentine's day gifts: teddy bears, gamble chocolate boxes, flowers, cards, and an assortment of red-white-and-pink novelties. Although Cupid certainly is busy making his rounds at this time of year, sometimes an out-of-the-ordinary gift is the key to spontaneous, romantic gesture.

Come visit Southgate Coins on South Virginia Street in Reno to find a neat V-Day gift for your Valentine. We have a wide variety of interesting gift items, including birth year sets, proof sets, silver rounds, and many U.S. type coins.

Let Southgate Coins help you find a perfect Valentine's Day gift

For Nevada natives and enthusiasts, we have a great selection of Carson City coinage. We would be happy to teach you about the Carson City Mint, and why the coins produced there are so special to collectors today. We have a large variety of GSA Morgan silver dollars, which each come with their own boxes and certificates of authenticity (perfect for wrapping!). We can also find coins in your lover's birth year encapsulate them in air-tight holders in pretty, blue plush boxes.

Just remember: teddy bears can get dusty on the shelf, chocolates can go bad, and flowers will eventually die. But, a neat piece of gold or silver could potentially be something to grow in value, as you and your loved one grow in love!

The Southgate Coins employees will look forward to helping you find that unique Valentine's Day gift for your special someone!