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Collecting Carson City Coins

Carson City coin collectors have many options available to them when deciding what coins to include in their sets. The shortest set would comprise two coins, consisting of the 1875-CC and 1876-CC twenty-cent pieces. Though small in size, this set would be very expensive, thanks to the $175,000 (maybe more) starting price for the extremely rare 1876-CC date. From this two-coin set, the choices keep expanding until we reach the ultimate goal, which only two collectors in history have ever achieved.

Complete 111-Piece Carson City Coin Checklist

Below are charts that map out a blueprint for every Carson City coin enthusiast’s dream come true: a complete 111-piece set. (View the printable, PDF version of the chart by clicking here.) This towering achievement would include one example of every date-denomination combination released by the Carson City Mint. Three of these coins, the 1873-CC With Arrows dime and quarter, and the 1875-CC Mintmark Above Bow dime, are varieties of the normal types used for these date-denomination combinations.

To see the complete mintage totals for each denomination and year, click here to view the Carson City Mint's Mintage Totals page. If the Carson City Mint and its coins interest you, you might also want to check out our Carson City Mint History page.