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Carson City Silver

Carson City Liberty Seated Dimes
Carson City Liberty Seated Twenty-Cent Pieces
Carson City Liberty Seated Quarters
Carson City Liberty Seated Half Dollars
Carson City Liberty Seated Silver Dollars
Carson City Trade Dollars
Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars
Carson City GSA Morgan Silver Dollars

Carson City Gold

Carson City Liberty Gold Half Eagles
Carson City Liberty Gold Eagles
Carson City Liberty Gold Double Eagles

U.S. Coins


Half Cents
Large Cents
Flying Eagle Cents
Indian Head Cents
Lincoln Cents
Two-Cent Pieces


Three-Cent Silvers
Three-Cent Nickels
Shield Nickels
Liberty “V” Nickels
Buffalo Nickels


Bust Half Dimes
Liberty Seated Half Dimes
Bust Dimes
Liberty Seated Dimes
Barber Dimes
Mercury Dimes


Twenty-cent Pieces
Bust Quarters
Liberty Seated Quarters
Barber Quarters
Standing Liberty Quarters
Washington Quarters

Half Dollars

Early Half Dollars
Liberty Seated Half Dollars
Barber Half Dollars
Walking Liberty Half Dollars
Franklin Half Dollars

Silver Dollars

Early Silver Dollars
Liberty Seated Silver Dollars
Trade Dollars
Morgan Silver Dollars
Peace Silver Dollars

Gold Quarter Eagles

Gold $1 Pieces
Liberty Gold Quarter Eagles
Indian Gold Quarter Eagles

Gold Half Eagles

$3 Gold Pieces
Liberty Gold Half Eagles
Indian Gold Half Eagles

Gold Eagles

Liberty Gold Eagles
Indian Gold Eagles

Gold Double Eagles

Liberty Double Eagles
Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagles


U.S. Currency

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Determining Values
Carson City Mint History
"CC" Checklist
Why Collect "CC" Coins?
GSA Carson City Hoard History
Carson City Mintage Totals
Louis Eliasberg
Q. David Bowers
Carson City Coin Collectors of America
American Numismatic Association
The Mint on Carson Street
James Crawford: Master of the Mint at Carson City
Curry's Chronicle
Red Book
Insights Into Rare Coins


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