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Learn about Numismatics, "CC" Coins, Prominent Collectors, and much more - Southgate Coins in Reno

Would you like to learn the finer points of numismatics? For collectors at any level looking to add to their knowledge bases, Southgate Coins offers its clients the education necessary to thoroughly enjoy the hobby. We believe that educated collectors are satisfied collectors. Ideally, a numismatist (a person engaged in the study and pursuit of collectable units of money) would have access to someone (or a group of persons) who could answer questions on a regular basis (preferably daily). Even the frequent sharing of a collection (and new acquisitions) with likeminded individuals adds so much more to a numismatist’s experience. We can’t meet with you daily , but we are here to answer your questions whenever you stop by our store or whenever you call.

In the meantime, we will post helpful information on this website that will guide you in the process of building your numismatic knowledge base. You can go to any of the pages linked to menu on the left and discover information about coin grading, determining the value of collectibles, and terminology associated with numismatics. We have also included some links to other websites that can further educate you, and some suggestions of publications you might find helpful. And please check out the brief profiles of the prominent coin collectors and numismatists we have posted on other pages. We can all learn from the pioneers who have paved the way for us.

As we find the time, we will add more resources to this learning section of our website, so please check back from time to time. And by all means, if you have questions please submit them through the contact section of this website.