New Book on Carson City Mint Due Out in December

There have been many articles written about the Carson City Mint and its coins, but few books. This is suprising, since the coins with the "CC" mintmark are some of the most popular in all of numismatics.

This is the reason author Rusty Goe decided to fulfill a passion he has embraced for over 20 years and write a tribute to this mint and its coins. The fruit of his labor is entitled The Mint on Carson Street, and is due out in December.

New Book Due in December Showcases the Carson City Mint

Coins With "CC" Mintmark in the Spotlight in New Book

October 14, 2003

Collectors hooked on Carson City will have a new book to enjoy in December 2003 featuring an overview of every date and denomination issued at that historic mint. The book is much more than a guide to "CC" coins, as it begins with a general history of the Carson City Mint, complete with a short chronicle of the times in which it operated. Brief biographical sketches are presented of interesting individuals such as Abraham Curry, Senators William Stewart and John P. Jones, Congressman Thomas Fitch, Mint Superintendent James Crawford, and the first woman to ever hold the position of Assayer in charge, Annie Martin.

There are ten chapters plus an extensive appendix totaling over 500 fully illustrated pages in this impressive work. Beginning with the founding of Carson City in 1858 readers travel through a timeline of events leading up to the opening of the Mint there in 1870, all the way through the coinage operations which produced some of the most legendary coins ever collected; the various suspensions and comebacks experienced at the Mint, and finally to its final date with destiny in the 20th century.

A brief background of the political climate and the battle over the nation's monetary system is presented in the context of the direct, as well as indirect influences various decisions and maneuverings had on the Carson City Mint. In later chapters, numismatics, and its long relationship with "CC" coins is covered by way of brief profiles of collectors dating back to the 1880s carrying forward to the 21st century. Two extensive chapters in the heart of the book showcase all 111 of the dates and denominations compiling a complete set of Carson City coins. Every significant date is given special coverage, and a Top 25 list ranks the cream of the "CC" crop.

The last chapter is devoted to "Collecting Opportunities" and provides many options for those interested in building sets, as well as helpful hints about coin collecting in general. In the appendix are population figures for all "CC" coins from PCGS and NGC, as well as an aggregate total of the value of all certified Carson City coins.

Collectors will not be the only ones interested in this wonderful tribute to the life and times of the Carson City Mint, for even non-collectors who have never seen a coin with a "CC" mintmark will be swept up in the epic saga. It is an enthusiast's guide on the subject and will surely spark more interest in the future. There has been a need for a book like this on this important and fascinating topic for many years and now its time has come.