SD quarter released

Attention Statehood Quarter Fans: the South Dakota quarter, the last quarter that will be released this year, has arrived here at the store.Both the "P" and "D" quarters are ready to go home with you today for the price of seventy-five cents each.

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Thankful Staffers

Because it’s the day before that wonderful turkey day that we all look forward to (don’t lie to yourself, you love the stuffing), I wanted the inside scoop on what the Southgaters are really thankful for. Now, of course, we are all thankful for our family, friends, health, and our fantastic jobs, but what is it we are truly thinking about when we all sit down that Thanksgiving afternoon at the dinner table?

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Amy goes to a concert

Howdy all you country music lovers out there in Internet-land! I have just enough time to spare during my busy day today to tell you about an amazing country music concert that I attended with my best gal pal (and Miss Kira and her pals went to the concert too!) last night at the Reno Events Center. CMT on Tour presented three country music superstars including - Jason Aldean (singing his number one hit “Hicktown”), Billy Currington (singing his number one hit “Why, Why, Why”), and the man of the hour himself Trace Adkins (singing all of his number one hits including “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk".

The concert was packed to the gills with wannabe hillbillies dancing and singing out of control. It was such an amazing concert, even if you weren’t the biggest country music fan in the world. It’s just a shame that you missed it...but I didn’t! Yeehaw!!!


Intro to New Staff Member

Hi, my name is Kira Marsh and I am new to Southgate Coins. I recently moved to Reno from my home town in Colorado to attend UNR and be closer to my parents, who live in South Lake Tahoe. I am a junior at UNR, and I am majoring in Electrical Engineering. Besides school I am very active in my church, Milestone Church, and now I also have a wonderful job.Southgate Coins has been a great addition to my life, besides making money, I have been introduced to a great group of people.

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BJ's Dinner

Well, here I am again, Southgate's resident food critic. This time, the Southgate staff was specially invited to a private-party opening of BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery located at the new Summit Mall. Just looking at the outside of BJ’s is enough to make you say "wow." It's beautiful with huge beer silos located to the side of the restaurant. The staff had to stop for a picture.

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Halloween 2006

Halloween Dress Up Day!

Southgate Coins was an interesting place this last Saturday, October 28. We had Betty Crocker here, a beautiful Japanese geisha, an 80’s girl, and Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Then, in walked James Crawford! You can imagine our surprise at that.

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Greysheet Training Complete

Well, I’m finally finished! Ten weeks later and I’ve finally graduated from my greysheet training! To those who do not know what the greysheet is, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Greysheets contain ASK and BID prices dealers place on coins. We use this as one of the many tools to help us price and buy our own stock of coins. It took a lot of work and a lot of patience (mostly from Amy and Kelsey trying to help me through it!), but I’ve finally done it. And now, my next task is to train Kira in the lovely greysheets.

Bring on the fun!


Boss's Day 2006

Believe it or not, today, October 16th, is a known holiday! Like Secretary’s Day – Boss’s Day is a great opportunity to thank and honor the ones that sign your paycheck from week to week. However, here at Southgate Coins we see our bosses as much more than just the pay check signers. Through thick or thin; rain or shine; come hail or high waters; our bosses Rusty and Marie are always there for us guiding us through the often confusing world of coins and currency.

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Amy's Snippets "A Pictorial Tour of the Inaugural Comstock/Carson Mint Seminar"

The Carson City Coin Collector’s of America Inaugural Comstock/Carson Mint Seminar was held on October 5 to 7, 2006. About fifteen members of the club traveled from all the over country to participate in this ground breaking event in Northern Nevada. Come along with me as we take a pictorial tour down memory lane from this historic event……. (Thanks to Tom DeFina for this great picture of the Nevada State Museum.)

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Sara's Return to SCC

Well, here I am... finally back at Southgate! It’s been too long. I’m sure some of you are wondering where I have been! My father was really sick and on September 8th, he passed away. I have been down in Gardnerville (south of Reno) every weekend for the past month. It took awhile, but I've finally landed back on my feet.

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Martha Stewart on Coin Collecting

So did anyone else out there catch Martha Stewart Living on TV yesterday? Well I did and she had a guest on that is a begining coin collector, I was so excited to see a young coin enthusiast on a national TV program! He was a little boy about 9 or so and he was showing off his basic coin collection which consisted of some type coins and Statehood quarters. But one thing about this little boy's collection that made me cringe was that he had taped all of his coins into his coin book, ahhh!! Even though these coins were not rare it still concerned me that he didn't know how to properly take care of his collection, I almost shouted at the TV, "No no no that's all wrong!" but I kept my cool and my seat on the couch and watched the segment all the way through. At the end Martha gave the kid 5 Uncirculated coins to add to his collection. Hey Martha, how about giving me some Carson City coins to start my collection—I promise not to put any tape on them!

- Heather

Trip to San Jose

Last weekend Heather and I escaped the Reno area for a little day trip, which took us all the way to San Jose, California, to tour the Winchester Mystery House. For those of you unaware of this attraction – this 160-room Victorian mansion first started construction in 1884 under the supervision and pocketbook of Sarah L. Winchester, as in the well-known Winchester Rifle and Shotgun Company. In a nutshell, Mrs. Winchester built this mansion with the help of seven carpenters who constantly worked around the clock in order to appease the evil spirits that were around the eccentric home owner. Because of this reason, the architecture in the mansion is quite unique. There are staircases that lead to nowhere, windows placed in the floors, and cupboards that are an inch deep.

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Balloon Race in Reno

The Great Reno Balloon Race was held this weekend at Rancho San Rafael Park. This great event has brought hot air balloon enthusiasts of all kinds to the Truckee Meadows faithfully every September. It truly brings out the early birds in that the beginning festivities begin bright and early at 5:00 a.m. with what is called the "morning glow." I was fortunate enough to attend this year’s race this morning before work…and what a sight! With over thirty balloons participating this year, and hundreds of spectators watching – it was one for the record books. You know, ever since I started working here at the coin store, I seem to see things through "coin" goggles – and this event is no different in that the balloon race is celebrating its "silver" anniversary this year! See, I told you…


New Shelves for Incoming Inventory

Southgate Coins employees Heather and Sara install new shelves for inventory

Some days I feel overwhelmed with the amount of inventory that still needs to be processed: it fills the back shelves and has spread to boxes on the floor, even after we doubled the size of the store almost two years ago. I have dreamed of a day when I would have new shelves to help us get more organized. Then yesterday my dream came true: four beautiful new bookshelves magically appeared in the back of the store (Thanks, Rusty!!). I was so excited; I couldn't help but yell out, "Imagine the possibilities!" Without delay, Sara and I began the long process of filling up the new spaces—it won’t take long for all the room to be gone. We took a small break just long enough for Rusty to snap our picture

Coin Show in Carson City 2006

Saturday afternoon/evening was a time to remember. I went to my very first coin show where I not only met incredibly nice people, but also got to see how the many different coin dealers set up all of their supplies.

But the evening was the best. Once again, Rusty and Marie treated us to dinner. This time we went to Glen Eagles, a quaint restaurant at the end of Carson City. Outside the restaurant was positively gorgeous, with huge shade trees towering over the establishment. Of course, we all had to gather 'round for pictures.

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