SD quarter released

Attention Statehood Quarter Fans: the South Dakota quarter, the last quarter that will be released this year, has arrived here at the store.Both the "P" and "D" quarters are ready to go home with you today for the price of seventy-five cents each.

Just a reminder that the holiday season is rapidly approaching and Southgate Coins is just the place for last minute holiday shopping.Not only do we have our wide selection of “CC” coins and other U. S. coinage; we also have Silver Eagles, Proof Sets and Mint Sets, Birth Year Sets, all the released statehood quarters in both mints, gift certificates, and also just for the season – one ounce silver Christmas rounds with adorable designs and "2006" engraved right on the back of each one. We definitely have something for everyone and everyone’s pocketbook.

We look forward to seeing you in the store soon! —Amy