Christmas Party

Southgate Coins owners Rusty and Marie celebrate Christmas with Amy and Kelsey

Just a note to all of our friends: We have had a very eventful December and our weblog has been neglected. So here is a brief update on happenings this month.

Gratefully we made it through the holiday season even with the loss of two of our girls, Kira and Sara. And poor Amy slipped on an icy step on one of her last days at school and was fitted with a brace and a slipper! But, always the trooper, she still showed up for work, albeit, a little hobbled.

Southgate Coins owners Rusty and Marie host the employees for Christmas dinner

We have been incorporating a busy store schedule with non-stop work on the James Crawford book which was submitted to the publisher for layout this month. Editing and final pictures for the book are keeping Rusty working long hours. Kelsey and Amy have been typing as quickly as their nimble fingers and their focused minds allow them to keep up with him. Rusty says getting a book published must be similar to giving birth to a baby, except the term of pregnancy is much longer. When the book is finally delivered, it all seems worth it.

As usual, we did make time for our annual Christmas party with lots of food, fun, movies and games. We had BJ's Pizza, hor d'oeuvres and every kind of chocolate known to man, including homemade mini chocolate pies made by Amy, herself. We watched the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" with Steve Martin and John Candy.

Enjoying the company of our fellow coin shop employees at Christmastime

Then we played Balderdash, a game that has each player make up a definition for obscure words. It was a close contest until Kelsey pulled away and beat us all soundly. Wait till next time Kelsey Fox!

It was a wonderful time of much needed relaxation and company camaraderie. Hope all of you out there had an opportunity to stop and enjoy the season, too.

From all of us at Southgate Coins we send you our best wishes for this season.