Southgate Launches Brand New Website

Many of you will remember our previous website, which served us well for nearly 12 years. We realized our website needed a facelift, so we exchanged its old-fashioned look and ditched its clunky navigation, and its non-user-friendly checkout procedure. The result is this new, sleek-looking website, with a friendlier user interface, vibrant graphics, and a streamlined, integrated checkout solution. We hope you enjoy everything it offers and use it to learn about coins, and buy your favorite, rare numismatic items. Please be patient, because it will take us a while to load all of our content and inventory. And by all means, please contact us if you have any questions, or if you just want to say "hi."

Wishing Rusty and Marie a Happy Anniversary

With countless customers, meetings, deals to process, inventory to organize, and just the all-around busy-ness of owning and operating your own coin shop, Rusty and Marie still always find time to enjoy each other. Today marks their thirty-first wedding anniversary, and it is my pleasure to congratulate them on their long, devoted marriage.

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