Rusty Goe Chronicles Birth of Carson City Mint in Nevada Appeal Newspaper

Coinciding with Nevada’s sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of statehood, Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe worked with the Nevada Appeal newspaper to publish a comprehensive history of the birth of the Carson City Mint. Click the Read More link below for more information about these educational articles featuring never-before-published information.

Rusty details the struggles Abraham Curry (and others) faced in the journey to establish this prestigious institution. From the founding of Carson City, to bankrupt superintendents of construction, this story is one every Nevadan is sure to enjoy.

Following are the links to the digital copies of each article part on the Nevada Appeal’s website. Make sure to check out the image slideshows for each part, as there are some awesome pictures of Nevada history.

Part 1: A New Mint for the New State of Nevada

Part 2: Nevada Mint Act Approved

Part 3: Carson Not in Mint Condition, Just Yet

Part 4: Carson Mint – Time to Have a Ball

Part 5: Colonel Curry Leads Carson Mint Toward Finish Line

Part 6: Unshakable – Successful Completion of Carson Mint

Thank you to Adam Trumble from the Nevada Appeal for working with Rusty Goe and Southgate Coins to publish this article in the hometown of the Carson City Mint.