December Magic Fills Southgate Coins with Busy Shoppers and Holiday Treats

After a month that reminded us all that there are many more meaningful things in life to be thankful for—after a devastating wildfire unexpectedly ravaged through Reno a week before Thanksgiving—December slowly rekindled a jolly spirit amongst the community. With a busy month of shoppers looking for that very special gift, Southgate Coins goes out of our way to make sure everyone leaves in high spirits, with a perfect and one-of-a-kind gift for their loved one. Maya and I (Nicole) were treated this December with an incredible company dinner on the 17th at Charlie Palmer Steakhouse, and also four Free Lunch Fridays.

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Southgate Staff Treated to a Decadent Christmas Dinner at Charlie Palmer Steakhouse

Maya and I (Nicole) have no doubt that Rusty and Marie always go over-the-top when it comes to treating their staff at Christmastime. In lieu of the traditional big company gift-exchange and dinner, this year we all agreed that a dinner would be more than sufficient. With Maya on her fifth year at Southgate Coins, and I coming up on my third-year anniversary, we all felt we knew each other well enough that time spent together would be a gift in itself.

Read on to hear about the fantastic meal and exemplary service we received at Charlie Palmer Steakhouse in Reno.

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‘Tis the Season of Christmas Cheer, and Southgate Coins Knows Just How to Get Everyone in the Holiday Spirit

Maya and I (Nicole) are seasoned veterans when it comes to Southgate traditions, including birthday celebrations, dress-up days, and decorating for the holidays. Before we knew it, the Christmas holiday season had already arrived, and it was time for my favorite time of the year to decorate. What’s not to love about bold red, green, and gold colors, joyful snowmen and Santas, and the sweet smell of peppermint and gingerbread in the air? Well, I love it ALL!

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All Ones on the Calendar for Veterans Day 2011 - November 11, 2011

It’s only once a century that the calendar displays six 1s, all in a row: 11-11-11. Since this special day also happens to be Veterans Day, Southgate Coins wants to officially thank all veterans, past and present, for their great services to the country.

All of the Southgate girls through the years and many customers are surprised to find out how significant military actions have been in influencing United States coinage. From War nickels, to Peace dollars, to Steel cents to numerous commemorative issues—the efforts of the U.S. armed services are seen on many kinds of coins and currency.

Southgate Coins employees celebrate Veteran's Day 2011

Once again, thanks so much from your friends at Southgate Coins.

A Wizard Visits Southgate Coins on Halloween Dress-Up Day - October 31, 2011

Halloween is a holiday that most would recognize as spooky and frightening. Whether it’s ghosts, goblins, vampires, or witches, these are the things we immediately associate with Halloween. In the past and normally with a larger staff, we’ve always had at least one of these “darker” costumes; however, this year at Southgate Coins, the staff only consisted of welcoming magical characters, life savers, and even took us back in time to the “groovy” 1960s. Read on to see what Rusty, Marie, Maya, and Nicole surprised the customers with this year.

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Five Free-Lunch-Fridays in September, Find us Feasting to our Hearts' Content

After surviving a busy and exciting month of August, we quickly realized September would have us hitting the ground running as well. Southgate Coins diligently prepared for our 10th anniversary open house, which was an incredible success. With the ongoing work of publishing the fall-winter Curry’s Chronicle and tumbling bullion prices, September ended just as fast-paced as it began.

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KOLO-8 News Covers Southgate Coins's 10-Year Anniversary

We prepared for months, and the day of our 10-year anniversary open house finally arrived! With nearly 50 people in attendance, the anniversary celebration was a great success.

If you weren't able to attend this momentous and memorable occasion for Southgate Coins, you can view KOLO-8 TV's coverage of this exciting milestone. Click the link below:

Southgate Coins on KOLO-8 TV's 11 O’clock News –
10-Year Anniversary – 9-14-2011

You can also read Maya and Nicole's weblog about the event by clicking below: Southgate Coins Hosts 10-Year Anniversary Open House Celebration - September 14, 2011.

Southgate Coins Hosts 10-Year Anniversary Open House Celebration

It was ten years in the making, and took four months of preparation, but we did it! Southgate Coins pulled off what was to be one of its grandest celebrations ever. Complete with three mini-lectures on numismatics, a giveaway for children, and a raffle for a Carson City GSA Morgan silver dollar, our open house hosted over 45 attendees (including the local news), all anxious to get a taste of why Southgate Coins has been so successful. Read more to find out about this exciting milestone, and view KOLO-8's coverage of this event by seeing our latest video:

Southgate Coins on KOLO-8 TV's 11 O’clock News –
10-Year Anniversary – 9-14-2011

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Northern Nevada Business Weekly Interviews Rusty Goe

Ever since Southgate Coins opened for business on September 11, 2001, the local and national media have found at least one thing interesting to write about the company in each of the last 10 years. This 10th anniversary year is no exception. Reno Newspapers and TV stations saw a number of angles to cover about Southgate Coins during the past few months, including the connection between Southgate's opening 10 years ago and the horrifying terrroist attacks on 9-11, and the skyrocketing price of precious metals in recent years. One local newspaper, Northern Nevada Business Weekly, saw an interesting story in Southgate's co-owner, Rusty Goe, and conducted an interview with our boss, which appeared in the publication's “In His Own Words” column on September 12, 2011.

This interview-type article gets behind-the-scenes with Southgate Coins owner, covering such topics as how Rusty got into the rare coin business, the volatile precious metals market, and Rusty’s experience of operating a successful small business over the past 10 years.

Click the link below to view a PDF version of the article, courtesy of Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

In his own words: Rusty Goe, Southgate Coins

Join Us For Our 10-Year Anniversary Celebration!

Southgate Coins hosts 10-year anniversary celebration at their Reno coin shop

Southgate Coins 10-Year Anniversary

Date:          Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Location:    Southgate Coins
                   5032 S. Virginia St.
                   Reno, NV 89502

Time:         2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

RSVP:       (775) 322-4455

Join us for an Open House and Giveaway to honor our 10 years in Reno!

Read more to find out what we'll have in store!

Mini-Lectures on Numismatics (The Science of Coin Collecting)
• Carson City Coins
• Placing Values on Coins
• Building a 20th Century Type Coin Set
• Tour of the store’s inventory and museum-quality displays

Free Stuff
• One lucky attendee will win an 1884 Carson City GSA Morgan dollar, valued at $250 (winner must be present). Limit 1 drawing per person.
• We will give away 20th Century Type Coin Set Whitman folders to the first 50 children in attendance. Each kid will get to pick 1-3 coins out of a bucket to start their collection. (1 folder per child: children must be 14 and younger, limit 2 folders per household.)

Refreshments will be provided.

Southgate's Adventure to the 2011 Carson City Coin Show

If you look at Southgate’s pictures albums over the years, there are always things that remain constant among the changing faces: You’ll see Kentucky Derby Days, Rodeo and Halloween Dress-Up Days, Free Lunch Fridays, milestone celebrations. Added to this list is one other thing that makes a coin shop a coin shop—coin show attendance! Read more to see how this year's Carson City Coin Show went!

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