December Magic Fills Southgate Coins with Busy Shoppers and Holiday Treats

After a month that reminded us all that there are many more meaningful things in life to be thankful for—after a devastating wildfire unexpectedly ravaged through Reno a week before Thanksgiving—December slowly rekindled a jolly spirit amongst the community. With a busy month of shoppers looking for that very special gift, Southgate Coins goes out of our way to make sure everyone leaves in high spirits, with a perfect and one-of-a-kind gift for their loved one. Maya and I (Nicole) were treated this December with an incredible company dinner on the 17th at Charlie Palmer Steakhouse, and also four Free Lunch Fridays.


December was a delight for Maya and I, not only being spoiled by close friends of the store with delicious candies, but we got to enjoy some of our favorite Free Lunch Friday restaurants:

  • Olive Garden – Although I had this day off, I know without a doubt that Maya enjoyed it thoroughly. Olive Garden is on the list of all-time favorite meals, where we’ve also attended several times for company events. What’s not to love about Italian food?!
  • Famous Dave’s – The legendary pit barbeque restaurant didn’t disappoint us as we all filled our stomachs with BBQ chicken, pork, and ribs. Although sometimes a little messy, the Southgate crew never passes up a tasty, finger-lickin’ good time!
  • Port of Subs – Made fresh-to-order, with the best ingredients, sandwiches always hit the spot for us. We even got a gigantic brownie and cookie, so we could enjoy after work.
  • Taco Bell – With tacos, burritos, nachos, and even some more unusual combinations like chips in the burritos, Taco Bell has a little something for everyone’s taste buds.

Southgate Coins had a non-stop month of December and as we wrap up the end of the year, it’s shocking to look back at all that’s happened in 2011. It’s exciting to welcome a new year and with great anticipation for what 2012 may bring ... I have a feeling it’s going to be a doozy.

Thank you Rusty and Marie for always remembering to treat us girls and upholding our most-loved traditions.


Best wishes to everyone for a happy and prosperous New Year!