October Brings Four More Mouthwatering Free Lunch Fridays

October 2011 brought some dramatically dropping temperatures here in wonderful Northern Nevada. But without fail, each Friday the Southgate Coins staff has a special treat to look forward to, whether it's sunny or snowing. Read more to take part in this special coin shop tradition.

After our 10-year anniversary last month, it dawned on Rusty and Marie that they have had over 520 Free Lunch Fridays since they’ve been in business in Reno. To put it in perspective, the cumulative cost of these occasions over the past 10 years is equivalent to a well-paid, part-time worker’s annual salary. If that isn’t a gift to Southgate employees, I don’t know what is!

Southgate Coins owners Rusty and Marie treat employees to Free Lunch Friday

This month, we dined courtesy of the following four fabulous food joints:

  • Port of Subs – You can never really go wrong with a traditional sub sandwich. It’s good-old-fashioned yummy eats.
  • McDonald’s – With a big portion of Mickey D’s famous French fries to share at lunch time, everyone was content at this Free Lunch Friday.
  • Taco Bell – A store favorite, Taco Bell always provides a great assortment of burritos, tacos, nachos and other Mexican-style goodies. Can’t go wrong.
  • Panda Express – Definitely a bit of an American twist on Chinese food, Panda always provides the Southgate girls with great sugar-coated orange chicken and rice. Mmm...

I have to say with over 10 years of upholding the Free Lunch Friday tradition, each Friday is really something special for new girls and veterans alike. We each get to know that we’ve played a small part in the big picture.

Now, we’re looking forward to our next big tradition—Halloween Dress-Up Day!

Until then,