July Free Lunch Fridays are Finally Accompanied by Some Heat!

I’m not sure when we ever thought summer would get here, since over the last few months it has felt like we have experienced every season in almost every week! Finally, I feel that we can now announce summer is officially here, and there’s nothing better to accompany a hot summer day than some delicious food!

Southgate Coins enjoys another month full of Free Lunch Fridays
  • Panda Express – Not having Panda Express for over a month (since May), it’s always a sweet and savory change that gets all our taste buds moving! The favorite always seems to be the orange chicken amongst us girls.
  • Olive Garden – If I could have Olive Garden for every meal every day, and not be living out of a cardboard box because of it, I would! I crave it more than anything else, so it’s always an extra special treat when we go here.
  • Del Taco – Quick and easy, what’s not to love about Del Taco? We always have quite the assortment between us all as well, including tacos, burritos, nachos, and even some french fries!
  • Subway – We decided to change it up a little from our usual sandwich shop, and were more than happy to. With so many different sandwiches to choose from, cold or toasted, it takes talent not to find something everyone can enjoy.
  • Qdoba – Qdoba was almost a forgotten favorite, but having it for the first time all year at Southgate Coins, it will definitely become a regular again! Their food is always so tasty, and not to mention the rather large portions, no one will ever go hungry!

As tradition, Rusty handled all the customers and phone calls in yet another very busy, bullion-buying-crazed month. I don’t know any other work place that so regularly offers this kind of treat to their employees, along with so many others! Free Lunch Fridays are something that will never suddenly “come-and-go,” but is a tradition that will always remain—unlike Reno’s weather! Let’s just hope this summer is a long one, since it started so late.