Southgate Employees Thankful for Many Blessings in November

November 2011 in Reno proved to make many people count their blessings. If you hadn’t heard, in the early hours of Friday, November 18, 2011, extreme winds caused downed power lines in southwest Reno, sparking a wildfire that ultimately destroyed 32 homes, less than a week before Thanksgiving.

Since that time, the Southgate employees have heard countless people confess their gratefulness for being spared from the flames. Our hearts go out to those going through unimaginably difficult times right now.

Going along with the thankful spirit of the season, Nicole and I (Maya) want to continue to show Rusty and Marie how grateful we are for their generous diligence in keeping up with each and every Free Lunch Friday. Here is a list of where we went this month:

  • Qdoba – Always a hearty helping of zesty beans, meat, rice, and cheese, Qdoba always provides us with Free Dinner Fridays with all the leftovers we have. Delicious!
  • Wendy’s – You can’t go wrong with square hamburgers from a classic, American fast food restaurant, especially when you top them with bacon and add a hot cup of chili on the side!
  • McDonald’s – This Friday (November 18), we decided to stay in our shopping center due to all the commotion around the still-burning Caughlin Fire. It was quite an eventful day, and because I was evacuated at 3:00 AM, I got a double-dose of hamburgers to tide me over.
  • Taco Bell – With all the madness of Black Friday going on, we made sure to stay clear of major shopping centers and the mall this FLF. Plus, Taco Bell is a company favorite—simple, tasty Mexican food always hits the spot.

I hope that everyone had a warm, family-filled Thanksgiving yesterday. It seems surreal that Christmas is only a month away, but Southgate Coins is prepared. The tree is up and decorated, the stockings are hung, and the shelves are stocked full of Christmas goodies for all those looking for unique gifts this holiday season.

Southgate Coins Free Lunch Friday November 2011

And again, thanks to Rusty and Marie for always taking care of us. It doesn’t go unnoticed.