‘Tis the Season of Christmas Cheer, and Southgate Coins Knows Just How to Get Everyone in the Holiday Spirit

Maya and I (Nicole) are seasoned veterans when it comes to Southgate traditions, including birthday celebrations, dress-up days, and decorating for the holidays. Before we knew it, the Christmas holiday season had already arrived, and it was time for my favorite time of the year to decorate. What’s not to love about bold red, green, and gold colors, joyful snowmen and Santas, and the sweet smell of peppermint and gingerbread in the air? Well, I love it ALL!

Although this was not my first time decorating for the winter holiday season, It was the first time I was able to partake in it from start to finish. This included unloading all the Christmas boxes, unveiling the goodies, and strategically placing them around the store. The Christmas tree is always the first to be set-up, which also requires the most time and maintenance. When all lit up and glowing with garland, ornaments, and candy canes, our festive tree looks amazing in the front lobby area of Southgate Coins. Throughout the day, Marie, Maya, and I continued to decorate the rest of the store with poinsettias, wreaths, stockings, and many more goodies. Before long, Southgate Coins transformed into a winter wonderland, greeting customers with the sights and smells to get any Christmas Grinch into the cheerful holiday spirit.

Southgate Coins employee Nicole Hoff hangs stockings at the Reno coin and bullion shop

Without a doubt, there were many pictures taken, and although Rusty has been overloaded with work lately, he was bigheartedly able to assist us in decorating and picture taking. The four of us (Rusty, Marie, Maya, and I) make quite the cohesive team here at Southgate, and are looking forward to the holidays together. As long as we avoid the crazed and frantic squirrels of holiday shopping, Christmas is unanimously the best time of the year. As we arrive on our final month of 2011, I look forward to ending one year and beginning yet another with the Southgate family—rosy cheeks and all.

Southgate Coins has the perfect gift-giving ideas for your holiday needs! Visit us on South Virginia!

Here’s to a dashing December,


Southgate Coins prepares for gift-giving season by giving the coin shop a Christmas makeover
Nicole Hoff decorates the coin shop for holiday shoppers at Southgate Coins
Southgate Coins Manager Maya Jones plays with ornaments while buying and selling gold and silver.