Another Surprise Boss's Day for Rusty and Marie

Once again, it is time to honor our two favorite bosses—Rusty and Marie Goe—on their special holiday, Boss’s Day.

Employees honor Rusty and Marie Goe on Boss's Day 2011

This year, since the holiday fell on a Sunday, we rearranged our normal celebratory plans so that they would work with all our work schedules. We decided instead that we would surprise Rusty and Marie on Monday afternoon, when Nicole came into work. This way, Marie and Rusty would never catch on to balloons or plants mysteriously hiding in our bathroom, haha.

As always, we presented them with their decorated Boss’s Day card, complete with heart-felt sentiments from Nicole and me (Maya). Nicole was able to find a cute, potted yellow rose plant to top off the occasion. She even found the one-in-a-million "Happy Boss's Day" balloon.

Boss's Day 2011

After what has seemed like a never-ending summer, we think the Goes deserve much recognition for their continued efforts to make Southgate Coins such an awesome place to work.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, Rusty and Marie! We love you!

Maya and Nicole