Thankful Staffers

Because it’s the day before that wonderful turkey day that we all look forward to (don’t lie to yourself, you love the stuffing), I wanted the inside scoop on what the Southgaters are really thankful for. Now, of course, we are all thankful for our family, friends, health, and our fantastic jobs, but what is it we are truly thinking about when we all sit down that Thanksgiving afternoon at the dinner table?

Rusty: After two years of working on his new book about Carson Mint Superintendent James Crawford, Rusty finally finished writing the first draft manuscript. He will be even more thankful when the next three months of preparing the book for market are over. We hope to have it available by March of 2007.

Marie: I asked two of my best friends, Sonny and Mikey, what they were thankful for. As Yorkies, they prefer simple pleasures. Sonny believes that a thrown toy is the biggest thrill of all. He can do that for hours. As for Mikey, the sound of Venetian blinds opening and closing will just about send him through the roof, barking with joy. I like simple too, but perhaps not quite that simple. This year, I am very grateful for the dearest group of girls to ever work at Southgate Coins. We all adhere to the poster Rusty put on our wall, "Only Kindness Matters."

Amy: Amy’s thankful for a few things that might make you laugh. She's thankful for Dog the Bounty Hunter and his crew on A and E. Also, she is thankful for stuffed-animal elephants (and anything else elephant related). And lastly, Amy is thankful for Halloween!

Sara: I am thankful for terrible weather. My favorite days are warm summer days complete with thunderstorms in the afternoon. I am also thankful for Will and Grace on NBC. Lastly, I am thankful for little kittens like mine who love to prance around my apartment at 1:00 a.m. looking for trouble to cause.

Kira: Kira appreciates anything food related. She also is thankful for her tiger-like kitty, George. Finally, she is thankful to hear the sound of the river at night. Aw!

Kelsey: After much deliberation, Kelsey finally delivered her list to me. Kelsey is thankful for Oreos in all forms, toasted, cold, or with or without milk. She especially likes them in pizookie form from BJ’s Brewery. She is also thankful for 80’s style clothing. She says, and I quote,"It is genius, just plain genius." To conclude, she is very thankful for when her bunny rabbit, Delilah, can make her laugh after a long day.

Finally, all of us here at Southgate wish everyone out there in internet land a happy Thanksgiving and we hope all of your traveling goes well! Eat lots of turkey, have lots of laughs, and relax on that awesome day off.