Trip to San Jose

Coin shop staffers, Amy & Heather
Winchester rifles on display for the coin shop employees
Southgate employees Amy and Heather go to the Winchester house

Last weekend Heather and I escaped the Reno area for a little day trip, which took us all the way to San Jose, California, to tour the Winchester Mystery House. For those of you unaware of this attraction – this 160-room Victorian mansion first started construction in 1884 under the supervision and pocketbook of Sarah L. Winchester, as in the well-known Winchester Rifle and Shotgun Company. In a nutshell, Mrs. Winchester built this mansion with the help of seven carpenters who constantly worked around the clock in order to appease the evil spirits that were around the eccentric home owner. Because of this reason, the architecture in the mansion is quite unique. There are staircases that lead to nowhere, windows placed in the floors, and cupboards that are an inch deep.

Being back from our trip for about a week now, Heather and I still have the mysterious mansion on our minds. For example, the other day when Marie asked us where a stack of Morgan dollars where being kept, we simply looked at her and said, “It’s a mystery!”

By now I am sure you are wondering where my "coin" goggles were on this trip (as explained in my last weblog)…well folks, have no fear, I got one…our beloved Master of the Carson Mint, or James Crawford for you novices, was a huge fan of Winchester rifles. How huge you ask? Well, this one isn’t a mystery, but you will have to wait to find out for yourself in the new book!