Martha Stewart on Coin Collecting

So did anyone else out there catch Martha Stewart Living on TV yesterday? Well I did and she had a guest on that is a begining coin collector, I was so excited to see a young coin enthusiast on a national TV program! He was a little boy about 9 or so and he was showing off his basic coin collection which consisted of some type coins and Statehood quarters. But one thing about this little boy's collection that made me cringe was that he had taped all of his coins into his coin book, ahhh!! Even though these coins were not rare it still concerned me that he didn't know how to properly take care of his collection, I almost shouted at the TV, "No no no that's all wrong!" but I kept my cool and my seat on the couch and watched the segment all the way through. At the end Martha gave the kid 5 Uncirculated coins to add to his collection. Hey Martha, how about giving me some Carson City coins to start my collection—I promise not to put any tape on them!

- Heather