Boss's Day 2006

Believe it or not, today, October 16th, is a known holiday! Like Secretary’s Day – Boss’s Day is a great opportunity to thank and honor the ones that sign your paycheck from week to week. However, here at Southgate Coins we see our bosses as much more than just the pay check signers. Through thick or thin; rain or shine; come hail or high waters; our bosses Rusty and Marie are always there for us guiding us through the often confusing world of coins and currency.

I speak for all the employees here at Southgate when I say that we have the best bosses one could ever hope to work for. If there was a contest for the Best Boss in the West, I am certain that ours would win hands down. Not only are we, as employees, treated with the utmost respect – we are also treated to the everyday occurrence of "ending shift candy," the occasional company dinner, the weekly Free Lunch Friday, and most importantly like family. There is no better place to work than Southgate Coins and that is simply because of them.

So, to my bosses on Boss’s Day, I say thank you. Thank you for going out of your way to make our lives here at Southgate enjoyable. Thank you for all the extras that you give to us throughout our work weeks. Thank you for the countless hugs and words of encouragements when customers get us down. And thank you for always having faith in us and helping to shape who we are today.

Happy, Happy Boss’s Day Rusty and Marie.