Amy's Snippets "A Pictorial Tour of the Inaugural Comstock/Carson Mint Seminar"

The Carson City Mint building that now houses the Nevada State Museum

The Carson City Coin Collector’s of America Inaugural Comstock/Carson Mint Seminar was held on October 5 to 7, 2006. About fifteen members of the club traveled from all the over country to participate in this ground breaking event in Northern Nevada. Come along with me as we take a pictorial tour down memory lane from this historic event……. (Thanks to Tom DeFina for this great picture of the Nevada State Museum.)

Pictorial Highlights

From the Inaugural Comstock/Carson Mint Seminar 2006

By Amy Williams

Friday, October 13, 2006

Early on Friday the 6th of October, a very energetic group of Carson City coin collectors met at the Nevada State Museum (also known as the Carson City Mint) to embark on an inaugural experience, not one of them would soon forget.  This seminar was jam-packed with spectacular lectures; tours of the museum, Comstock mine, Virginia City, and Carson City; and much more.  In this early morning photo of the group on Friday, I am not sure that they were exactly aware of all the extraordinary things that were in store for them during this seminar.

Carson City Coin Collectors of America gather outside the Nevada State Museum

Bob Nylen, the Nevada State Museum’s Curator of History, gave a PowerPoint lecture on Friday morning concerning the history of the Carson Mint and how it has transformed into the Nevada State Museum. Nylen pointed out that before the museum took over the building, there were talks about turning it into a parking lot or even a federal prison! Loud chuckles could be heard throughout the room with this remark. Some of the members were joking that that is exactly what Carson City needed – a federal prison smack in the middle of town.

Bob Nylen presents a lecture to members of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America

Rusty Goe presented a two part discussion focusing on Nevada State Museum’s Carson City Coin Collection concerning the gold and silver issues. Goe shared with the group that through his research he has become well aware of different types of bloopers and mistakes that newspaper journalists make in their publications. One such example included how instead of coin collectors being referred to as numismatists, they were referred to in a certain publication as numismatologists.

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe lectures C4OAers

Charter Member Otto Klay (left) and Club Treasurer Paul Sudmeier (right) are shown here touring the historic 4th Ward School in Virginia City.

C4OA members Otto Klay and Paul Sudmeier examine exhibits

Mark Twain - with cigar in mouth and half dime in hand - entertained the group during lunch at Virginia City’s Delta Saloon.

C4OA members meet a Mark Twain impersonator.

The trip would not be complete without a train ride down to Gold Hill on the famous V&T line.

The gathering would not be complete without C4OA members posing by the V&T Railroad

Fred Holabird leads the group down into a Gold Hill open mine while discussing the Comstock’s geology. 

Carson City coin enthusiasts view the open Gold Hill Mine

The seminar wrapped up on Saturday evening at the notable Gold Hill Hotel and Saloon.

The gathering wrapped up at the Gold Hill Hotel & Saloon near Virginia City

The entire two and a half day event was so magical and enchanting that sometimes it felt like a wonderful dream; but every time I pinched myself, we were all really there.

Best wishes to all who experienced it with me.

Until Next Time,