Coin Show in Carson City 2006

Saturday afternoon/evening was a time to remember. I went to my very first coin show where I not only met incredibly nice people, but also got to see how the many different coin dealers set up all of their supplies.

Southgate Coins employees and store owner Rusty Goe pose for a picture at the coin show

But the evening was the best. Once again, Rusty and Marie treated us to dinner. This time we went to Glen Eagles, a quaint restaurant at the end of Carson City. Outside the restaurant was positively gorgeous, with huge shade trees towering over the establishment. Of course, we all had to gather 'round for pictures.

Once we were inside, we noticed just how beautiful it really was. It included a nice bar area, large dining areas, and of course, a kitchen in which was surrounded by only glass windows. Rusty cleverly called this odd scene "an exhibition kitchen". Our waiter, a man from Southern France, was as nice as can be. We all tried to guess where he was from by his beautiful accent, and of course Heather said France, and I said no way, which is embarrassing when he told us yes, because I was the only one out of the group who had taken French class for the last three years. He almost got all of our orders perfect. But the service was still great, and the food was even better.

The Southgate coins crew dines at Glen Eagles in Carson City

Once we were finished, we ordered a few different desserts. I ordered the "chocolate decadence cake," which, of course, was so rich and so good we all had to dip into it.

At the end, we all laughed about how much we ate and how much fun we had, again! It was a wonderful restaurant that made up for our not-so-good restaurant at our last dinner.

Until the next wonderful dinner rolls around,