Halloween 2006

Halloween Dress Up Day!

Southgate Coins was an interesting place this last Saturday, October 28. We had Betty Crocker here, a beautiful Japanese geisha, an 80’s girl, and Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Then, in walked James Crawford! You can imagine our surprise at that.

Southgate Coins knows how to dress up for Halloween

All of us decided to dress up and celebrate Halloween a little early this year. Marie came in dressed as a gorgeous Japanese geisha, Amy was Betty Crocker (complete with muffins and all), Kelsey was an obvious 80’s girl, and I was Alex from A Clockwork Orange. We were all laughing and enjoying each others costumes when Amy asked where Rusty was and what was he going to be. Of course Marie played it cool in her Kimono and said she had no idea what he was going to be. Then a few minutes later, in pops James Crawford! We were all taken aback at how great Rusty looked!

Our Dress Up Day came complete with cider, candy, and of course, gifts for each of us! A few customers didn’t quite understand that we didn’t dress like that every day, but most paid us many great compliments.

We all had lots of fun and I know some of us wish we COULD dress like that every day. Ha ha.


Marie gifts the employees Halloween goody bags with stuffed animals

PS Check in next week for my infamous food review. This time Southgate Coins has been invited to the opening of BJ’s here in Reno. It’s an opening that is by-invitation-only. As you can imagine, we’re all very excited to partake in the wonderful food BJ’s has to offer!