New 10-Piece Carson City Type Set Holder

Collectors of 10-Piece Carson City Type Sets have long desired a suitable holder to display their un-slabbed coins. Their wishes have finally been fulfilled.

The Capital Plastics 10-Piece Carson City Type Set Holder in White at Southgate Coins

Southgate Coins Introduces New 10-Piece Carson City Type Set Holder

By Rusty Goe

The new 10-Piece "CC" type set holders designed by Southgate Coins and manufactured by Capital Plastics were unveiled in November and immediately caught the attention of longtime Carson City coin enthusiasts.

The holders come in three colors: Blue with silver etching, White with gold etching and Black with gold etching.

The price per holder is $149.95, plus $15 for shipping (Include $1 for each additional holder)

You can order the holders by phone directly through Southgate Coins. The number is (775) 322-4455. You can also place an order through this website. Just go to the "Coin Books" menu on the Home page and follow the checkout process.