SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - Tantalizing Secrets from Southgate

Somer's simple sweet secrets to what's been happening this week at Southgate Coins.

Tantalizing Secrets from Southgate

By Somer Athari

This week I wanted to share with all of you in cyber-space a couple of sweet secrets. We have a little tradition here at Southgate Coins. At 6 o'clock, we get to treat ourselves after a hard working day, with TREATS. Marie and Rusty know all of our favorites and every night after closing we get to choose from a utopia of candy. Now, these aren't the only treats that we receive.

Many times the biggest treats we receive are actually from all of you. It's true! When, customers old and new, leave our store with smiles on their faces, we are treated with happiness that we made someone's day. When our out-of-state customers receive packages with items ordered on this very Web site or eBay, we are often treated with either a blissful phone call or a friendly email. Some of our customers really make an extra effort to treat every single one of us here at Southgate. For these customers, I would like to take this moment to make a very special "Shout Out" (phrase used in FM pop radio stations) and say thank you for every visit, every card, every phone call, and every letter.

One extra special customer by the name of John Crane, came to surprise us all with a rather large treat. No, I am not talking about those jumbo candy bars they sell at wholesale food warehouses (however yummy those may be). The treat I am talking about transcends the taste buds.

Since, all of us here are huge music buffs; we always make it a point to fill our store with happy, shoe-tapping melodies. So last week, John came in with his guitar and amazing singing abilities to give our radio a bit of a break. On Saturday, February 5th, he blessed the crew at Southgate not only with 5 or 6 songs but also a lifetime of bragging rights. Everybody was here, except of course, yours truly, who could have documented the whole event for you in greater detail. But, unfortunately, I missed the whole thing, although I hear that it was an outstanding performance. John, I am just waiting patiently for an encore.

We are full of sweet surprises here at Southgate Coins, but there are a few more of Southgate's Snippets' super special secrets still in store... but, I think I am going to save those for another week. Did you catch that amazing alliteration?!

So in a FM blues DJ sort of way, "All you cool cats out there, please tune in next week for the latest, hippest, updates on what's shimmying here at Southgate Coins. Till then, stay as solid as .999 silver!"

Your faithful correspondent,