SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - Southgate Sports Fan's Calendar of Events

Somer gives the scoop of the events coming up at Southgate and a little something special for all you sports fan's out there.

Southgate Sports Fan's Calendar of Events

By Somer Athari

All of you already know what a great team we are, and how we are the number "1" store to find so many great "CC" coins, other numismatic delights, and customer service. Well, how about something you don't know. Here at Southgate Coins we work hard in everything we do, but Rusty and Marie try to balance it out my allowing us to work best at having fun! I think that's what creates the great atmosphere that we have in the store, and of course all the other places that our blue Southgate Coins aprons may take us.

Unfortunately, not everyone is such a number "1" team like us. Because although the UNR Wolfpack showed their vicious teeth last week by winning against the Texas Longhorns, the Pack just couldn't get past the number "1" ranked predator "Fightin Illini" in the second round of the NCAA (booooo).

Luckily for us college girls here at Southgate Coins, our lives do not revolve around basketball... I know, how unusual! We don't have to wait around for the Final Four in basketball to have fun, especially now that there are finally four of us again; rather, we can make some madness of our own for every month... not just March. We have so many traditions to anticipate throughout this year, and it seemed fitting for me to cheer up everyone after our local basketball team's defeat, with some pleasurable reminders of things to come, and some curveballs from last year's unbeatable events at Southgate Coins.

Summer (or Somer) Calendar

  • Free-Lunch-Fridays are a weekly affair

  • Birthdays get celebrated with cake and ice cream (the next birthday's are in May and July)

  • Reno Coin Show – April 29th to 30th

  • Kentucky Derby Day – May 7th

  • End of Semester Party – Weekend after fall semester ends (middle of May)

  • Rodeo Dress Up Days – End of June

  • ANA Coin Show in San Francisco – July 27th to 30th

  • 1000 Ebay Feedbacks Surprise – (I wonder what Rusty has in mind?)

  • Nevada State Museum (Old Carson City Mint) Annual Coin Show – August 27th and 28th

So as you can see there is always something to look forward to here at Southgate Coins, and sometimes it doesn't involve the field of coin collecting at all, which I find to be something reflective of our love for fun, as well as coins.

Three of us girls are working on our second year at Southgate Coins, and we look back to all the exciting days of last year. Like when Smarty Jones lost to Birdstone in the 3rd leg of the Triple Crown... and the fact that I knew it all along (there's a curveball)! All our big cowboy hats and oversized belt buckles during the week when the Rodeo comes to town. Oh, and what about Rusty coming out of left field and beating all of us in Croquet during our end of the semester fiesta at the bosses' house. And don't forget about all of the exciting coin shows we attended last year, you know we won't.

Now that Claire is a part of our dedicated crew, she too will be able to enjoy all the extra curricular activities that a player on the Southgate Team gets to be involved in; and all you sport fans are welcome to join in too.

Now you have it, that's our calendar-o-fun, we hope to see you at some of the events!

Until next week,

Your Correspondent,