SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - A Brand New Sparkling Snazzy Sizzling Site

The new site is up and running. Somer goes into detail about the new Web site and some of the great features it has to offer.

A Brand New Sparkling Snazzy Sizzling Site

By Somer Athari

We have been dealing with a whole lot of new and exciting post coin show challenges here at Southgate Coins, most importantly the Web site. We have heard overwhelming praise over the new Web site from all of our regular online customers, and even some new viewers. The vintage look and old west feel is something that took much planning and design work on Rusty and Marie's part. Everyone agrees how appealing, professional, and easy to use the new site is, however, learning something new is always a delicate process. Luckily for us, we girls have really embraced the new site in all its glory.

There are so many incredible technological advances that this new Web site has to offer. Rusty and Marie decided that if they were going to do a Web site again, that they would do everything possible to make it the best coin site offered on the World Wide Web. For example, the name itself, within the heading of the Web site even states that we are Carson City coin experts so that anyone surfing the web for "CC" minted coins will now be able to find us easily. This was a main concern when first starting the big project, accessibility and simplicity; luckily for everyone, we succeeded in having both.

In order to keep up the simplicity theme, Rusty and Marie, along with the graphic designers/web masters, took great care in crafting a site with great new features; for example a little thing we like to call "zoomify." This mind blowing option gives all customers out there in cyber space to really look closer at the coin of choice, as if the rare specimen was right there at home underneath a collector's favorite magnifying glass.

Not only is there the zoomify option on the entire online inventory, but have you noticed the quality of the pictures as well? We have all been very busy preparing the best pictures of coins available on the internet, which really depict the excellence of U.S. Minted coins; every bit of beauty, luster, and hair follicles. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a tiny bit with the follicles, but nevertheless the pictures are as detailed as the coins permit. I bet even the designers of the coins would be impressed. If only George T. Morgan or even Christian Gobrecht were still around to see these pictures.

As for the rest of us who aren’t as fond of technology as of beauty, what does this site offer? Well, every detail, color, font, and even scroll was handpicked by Rusty and Marie, in order to really express the importance of perfection this company has always displayed. With its vintage, old West feel, the site truly reflects what Southgate Coins is all about; bringing back to the public of the 21st century, some of the historical and magnificent landmarks of the 19th century.

The Web site is constantly under construction, for we are adding new items to the Web site daily and also some old items as well, like all those archived articles you know and love by a certain favorite correspondent (wink, wink). So make sure to keep your eyes peeled to the screen, for changes are being made nearly every minute. Everyone here at Southgate Coins hopes that all the hard work shows through in all facets of this exciting site. I know that sometimes people say that bigger isn't always better, but in this case, the Web site has everything to offer from the old site and so much more. So enjoy.

Your new and improved correspondent,