SOUTHGATE SNIPPETS - Southgate in North Shore

The band in Lake Tahoe

Somer tells all the scary secrets of Southgate's special trip to Tahoe last Saturday.

Southgate in North Shore

By, Somer Athari

Well, all I have to say is WOW! Talk about so much happening in such a short time! Not only did we have excellent rooms with lake views, detailed historical guides, magnificent food, but we even had the Doors (in carnet) to take us back to the late 60s/early 70s.

Southgate Coins employees enjoy the show in Tahoe

The store closed a bit early for a Saturday, and everyone made the 1 hour tour, to North shore. It was a beautiful scenic view heading up Mount Rose to Emerald Bay, where the smaller Strip of Lake Tahoe’s casinos resides. There, right at the California and Nevada border, was our destination, the infamous CALNEVA. This was the very same hotel that Frank Sinatra had once owned; the very same hotel that the Kennedy’s, Marilyn Monroe, and various mobsters once used as a place to getaway from all the troubles of Stardom.

I know all this, because they have a tour for guests of the hotel, where they explain in miraculous detail exactly all the comings and goings of every inch of the hotel. Naturally, we all lunged down stairs to inquire about it. A tour was held just for us, and we went into all the back rooms, caverns, and hidden walkways that still exist from Frank Sinatra’s sneaky days of ownership. We all love history, obviously, and had a great time, asking for every dirty secret.

The band plays for the Southgate Coins employees

After the “walk of the stars,” we dressed to impress (not quite as fashionable as Marilyn) and as a group, headed up to the Nevada side; to our third destination, The Crystal Bay Steak and Lobster House. I have to act as if I am a white fish guru for just a moment and say that I had the best Halibut I have ever had for dinner in Tahoe!! Sorry Scoma’s, but the lemon caper sauce at the Crystal Bay Restaurant was devilishly good!! Everyone else agreed that the food was just as heavenly as the food in San Francisco.

From there it was about time to go to the Wild Child Concert. All of us were in awe as we looked at Jim Morrison’s picture on his greatest hits CD and glanced right in front of us to look at the lead singer of the tribute band. It was like seeing Jim in person. The dance floor for the first couple songs was bare, so all of us girls decided to jump up there and start something. Eventually even Rusty and Marie boogied down to the music. All in the entire concert was scarily good, even though he wasn’t playing Riders of the Storm, though all of us girls screamed it out after every song. Boo! What a great concert!

The next morning, the lake was in its most placid form as we all took the drive back down the mountain. What a night!

Your frightfully Fantastic Dancer,