MARIE MADE SNIPPETS - A New Year with New Challenges

2006 is sizing up to be an exciting adventure! Some of the upcoming events.

A New Year with New Challenges

By Marie Goe

Although Somer is on another adventure we will still try to keep you faithful Snippets readers abreast of what’s going on here. We continue to have plenty of adventures right here at Southgate Coins and we love to share them with you. There was a ferocious rain storm over the New Year that finally turned into snow but not before power outages managed to crash our network server. After a couple of days we were back up and running but it slowed our start for the long list of new projects coming up in 2006. Let me give you a brief preview.

One of our most exciting new projects is our expanded website offerings. You may notice the introduction to our "Featured Items" Section. It goes like this:

"You will want to visit this Featured Items page from time to time to check out special items ranging from rare Carson City coins, to currency, to interesting gaming chips from Nevada's casinos. Consider this section, Your-Bay.........."

Southgate Coins ceases selling on EBay

This is just one of the alternatives we are implementing in our after Ebay life. We are putting up a real nice mix of the items that we would have listed on Ebay. Heather and Sarah have been the image experts in scanning all the chips, coins and paper money. We look forward to keeping "Featured Items" chock full of interesting things to peruse.

Rusty is editing all the new articles that are lining up for the next Curry's Chronicles. This will be the third issue for C4OA coming out in the spring. There will be some exciting announcements coming up but I've been sworn to secrecy, so keep your eyes open. We have over 200 members now in the club and they are the most enthusiastic members you could ever hope for. It sure makes it great to share all the passion that comes with the "CC" Mintmark.

Probably the biggest event we are looking at this month comes on January 31, when the Nevada State Quarters will be released. The U. S. Mint is planning a ceremony at the Capitol for the event. They have asked our club, C4OA, to participate and we told them we would do whatever we could to help them.

A proof example of the Nevada Statehood Quarter

We have waited for a long time for our state’s quarter to finally arrive and we plan on pulling out all the stops to celebrate its "Coming Out Party." It should be a blast and we will give you a full report.

Til next time this is Marie signing off.