Introducing Southgate's weblog

Southgate Coins, in an attempt to expand its communication with its ever-increasing number of website visitors, is launching this Weblog.

As many of you are already familiar with Southgate Coins' News & Articles section, where you'll find stories about interesting and significant events occurring in the lives of those of us associated with the most exciting coin shop in America, you will notice a difference in the structure of the Weblog. Here, we will toss a sentence or two at you whenever we have something to share. Occasionally, we'll post a link to an informative article for your perusal; or maybe a link to another website which we find enlightening; or maybe we'll simply post a picture we think you might enjoy.

This Weblog will be like a local barbershop or hair salon, not where you'll be groomed, but where you'll hear tidbits of information; some important; some mundane; and some, just entertaining. If we had time to speak with all our friends, clients, and website visitors on the phone, these would be the kind of things we'd share. Time restraints limit our phone conversations, of course, but this Weblog will enable us to reach hundreds of people with a few short clicks on our keyboard.

We encourage you to continue checking out our Southgate Snippets in the News & Articles section on this website. For those with extra time on their hands, Snippets articles have been archived back to the beginning in 2005. If you discover a story of interest to you, drop us an email and let us know, just as many of you have already done.

Concurrent with the launch of this Weblog is the start of a Blog for the Carson City Coin Collectors of America. This club is now over a year old, with a membership totaling at least 255 "CC" enthusiasts. If you have not joined yet, an application is available on the Club's Blog.