Amy's one-year anniversary

I think that it is safe to say that January 25th was just another ordinary day for everyone?Well, for everyone but me.

You see, January 25th was the very first day on the job for your little Amy come last year. That’s right folks that means that it is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY here at Southgate!

Amy’ one year anniversary at Southgate Coins

Put on those party hats, blow up those balloons, its party time!


The day was greeted with loud cheers of hip, hip, hoorays, lots and lots of pictures, balloons, hugs, and of course yummy goodies. Rusty and Marie pulled out all the stops for my one year anniversary party and it couldn’t have been more special.

Amy shows off her Birthday Cookie with Rusty


Wow! A whole year at working for Southgate! There are so many things to remember back on and laugh about but one particular event sticks out the most:

I remember when...

Christmas of 2005 I was searching on the college job board site online looking for a possible job to work part-time at. And, of course I didn’t want any old job, I wanted a job that was different from all other jobs out there. Naturally, I came across one that involved working at a coin store. "Alas! That’s Different!"

Amy gets her first year picture for Southgate Coins

I immediately sent my resume to the email address provided and literally within three minutes, got a call back from a lady at the store (come to find out it was the one and only Marie) inviting me to come and have an interview with her as soon as possible.

The day of my interview seems like yesterday. I showed up to this beautiful store with a buzzer door entry (kinda scary for a first timer might I add) and I immediately felt at home. I was greeted by one of the staffers at the time and ushered over to "the buy desk" (which also serves other purposes as well as you can tell) and waited...

I was so nervous. I knew I had to really put the charm on whomever the person was that was to give me the initial interview, because I really, really, really wanted this amazing job. And out comes Marie.

Time to eat the anniversary cookie for Amy’s first year

At that moment, I was officially sold. I wanted nothing more then to begin work right away, no questions asked. Marie was everything and more then I could have ever asked for. She welcomed me right in with opened arms. Within seconds I was in the back conference room chatting with Marie as if I had known her forever. And come to find out: we were both born in the same exact hospital down in a small town in California. What are the odds of that?

Oh course, every interview isn’t complete until you meet "the big boss" and here at Southgate that "big boss" is Rusty. I was so nervous at meeting and talking with Rusty. He is a walking example of a great businessman and such an important name in numismatics. And I am not going to lie, he did ask some pretty hard questions and gave me some pretty intimidating looks, but I made it through just fine.

Well, I am sure you all can guess the outcome of this trip down memory lane. I was hired onto the Southgate team straight away. And now, looking back a year ago from the 25th, I am so thankful that Rusty and Marie gave this small-town girl chance. I have never felt more a part of anything in my entire life. I come to work each and every day striving to do better in my new found passion. Rusty and Marie have been nothing but perfect to me and I will be forever grateful for that. In short: I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

(Below: on the left is the traditional "first day picture" on 1/25/06 and next to that is my one year anniversary picture one year later)


So here’s to my first of many anniversaries at the store. Thank you for being there with me along the way.