Boss' Day Recap

2007 Boss' Day Recap

As you all should know by now, here at Southgate Coins we love to celebrate holidays and special occasions! Anything from Kentucky Derby day and Rodeo Dress-up Day, all the way to the “normal” Halloween and Christmas celebrations, we love any excuse to party.

Just a couple days ago we found another excuse that has become a little tradition among the Southgate family: We enjoyed a wonderful Boss’ Day! According to the wonderful Wikipedia, Boss’ day has become sort of a “Hallmark holiday,” but was originally registered by Patricia Bays Haroski in 1958, for recognition of her superior’s kindness. In her case, her boss was actually her father, and the actual day to be observed (October 16th) was set for his birthday. How neat!

Here at the store Amy and I had our own little plan in mind… We decided that as a special treat to the Goes, we would surprise them with a nice lunch from Mimi’s Café. We had been arranging our plans for weeks. You see, the tough part about the two of us working at the store and attending UNR is that we work on opposite days. So, aside from Fridays and Saturdays, it is very hard to coordinate a meeting time and place for a special work-related event, especially when the event falls in the workweek. However, the marvelous Amy had thought up a brilliant plan. She thought that instead of having to wait until the end of the week to have a celebration; we would do it a day early, on the 15th. She would take time out of her school day to come down to the store, and bring the food from Mimi’s with her (along with a card, of course.) Although she had a midterm that day and would have to leave quickly, everything seemed like it was going to work.

Amy brings snacks for Boss’s Day at the coin shop

Well, sometime before 8:00am on the morning of the 15th, I get a text message from Amy asking what I want from Mimi’s, and I tell her. She informs me that she should be arriving at the store right around 12:30. Well, noon rolls around, and I am wondering what’s going on!! I wanted to know if everything was still going according to plan, or if she got caught at school, or something. Of course, calling and asking her while I was at work would have totally spoiled the plan, because Marie or Rusty surely would have heard. Lo and behold, Marie sends me on a bank run at noon. She had no idea how convenient that was for me! I was able to reach Amy by text message, and found out that everything was on schedule, and she would be here at the store right on time.

When she entered, Rusty and Marie barely recognized her! She was all dressed up for her mid-term presentation, and here she was with two giant bags full of yummy-smelling food. They were so surprised, especially when we told them, “Happy Boss’ Day!” It was so wonderful to be able to see the surprised expressions on their faces when they found out that we were treating them to lunch!

Even though Amy only had enough time for a few pictures and a card-signing, we definitely all enjoyed the meal she brought us, and both of our bosses seemed pretty happy to have hired us… I can’t imagine why, though!

Southgate Coins staff honors Rusty and Marie Goe on Boss’s Day

I hope everyone out there knows that there is, of course, a moral to this story: In order to have a workplace filled with happiness, you always have to give a little if you want to get a little. Our little Boss’s day celebration was just an example of the appreciation that Amy and I have for our employers, and we only show it because it is so obviously apparent how they feel about us.

Happy Boss’ Day, Rusty and Marie. Amy and I sincerely hope that you know how much you mean to us—as our employers, and as our friends.