Year Ending

Goodbye 2007 Hello 2008

My oh my how time flies! How can it already be time to take down the holiday décor and start making our lists of New Year’s resolutions? It is amazing how one year just passes by with a blink of an eye. I remember it just yesterday when I was reading the weblog that Marie wrote this time last year…how can this be?

This afternoon was devoted to taking down all of the beautiful holiday decorations and putting back the “normal” ones. All of us were saying how it is going to take some getting used to not seeing the Christmas tree everyday now.

Christmas packing for next years coin shop decortations


We are also staying busy by getting ready for 2008 by cleaning the shop from top to bottom and switching the “2007” files to “2008” files.

So it looks like we are almost ready to ring in the new year! Bring on that 2008 newborn baby and dropping ball…it’s almost party time! (Again)


Rachel putting Christmas decorations for Southgate Coins
Southgate girls pose in front of the boxed Christmas tree
Christmas at Southgate over for another year