Kelsey and Amy’s 21st birthdays!!!

A decadent cake slice for Amy and Kelsey’s birthdays

The very first birthday (or should we say "birthdays") of 2007 was held last weekend for BOTH Kelsey AND Amy. Surprisingly enough, both of the staff members here at Southgate Coins were born on the very same day AND even the very same year.

And not only was this birthday an extra special one because it was a "Southgate Twin Edition" but it was also Kelsey and Amy’s 21st birthdays!!!

Now usually birthdays are spent here at the store with lots of cake and ice cream and presents. But this time around it was way more than just the "norm."

Last Saturday after we closed the store at 3pm Rusty and Marie hauled out all these balloons, presents, and boxes of candy from a secret location. We then had a pre-party per say at the store, opening all the wonderful presents that Rusty and Marie bought for us and eating all the wonderful candy (eerr--or not eating that is). Kelsey opened the biggest present I think I have ever seen – a beautiful wooden picture frame – and I was fortunate to be blessed with two more adorable elephants, who I later named Alfred and Tin Foil.

Amy and Kelsey both celebrate their 21st birthdays at the coin shop
Amy and Kelsey show of their birthday presents at Southgate Coins

After the presents were torn open and pictures were snapped we were off to round two of the 21st birthday bash and here’s Kelsey to report for us on that:

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe at the birthday dinner

We had a caravan over to Harrah’s from the store, with Rusty and Marie leading the way, and Amy and I (with all of our balloons and presents overwhelming the back seat) following close behind. We decided to get valet parking so that we would not get as lost trying to find the restaurant or our cars at the end of the night, but when we got into the casino we were completely and utterly confused. We tried following signs, and when that failed, asked someone where it was and we weren’t even on the right floor. Once we finally got to the door we drooled over the menu and fought over which person was going to have what. Because the restaurant was not open yet, we had to wait for a while, but rest assured that Rusty was in the front of the line when those doors opened. He even left us behind when the hostess took him to our table, he was that excited! Amy and I had never been into this restaurant and we were taking it all in, the atmosphere was so relaxing and elegant.

Amy and Kelsey show off their birthday cake slices courtesy of Southgate Coins

Now to the good part, the food. We each got a steak, of course, and they were all extremely good. Once we thought that we were too stuffed to eat anymore, our waiter brought Amy and I pieces of chocolate cake with "Happy Birthday" written on the plate in chocolate syrup! They were so beautiful that Amy and I both decided we couldn’t eat them... yeah right!

After this absolutely amazing meal, with our amazing bosses, we made the long, and slightly confusing way back to the valet parking. As Rusty and Marie drove away, Amy and I expected her car to arrive around the corner at any moment... yep, any moment now... Let’s just say that our first valet experience wasn’t as pleasant as spending time with the two greatest bosses anyone could ever ask for!

--From both twenty-one year olds