Weekly Update

Well, well! It has been quite a busy past few weeks here at Southgate! As Amy mentioned in the previous weblog, spring cleaning is underway here at the store. You see, during the winter months, the girls at the store usually only work part-time schedules due to the fact that they attend college also. With that, we don’t have quite the regular cleaning crew that we do during the summertime when school is out. All the tidying-up and organization gets a little behind during those colder months because of this, but finally the cleaning crew is getting back on track. That means Amy and I have a full load of work to do this summer! So much for keeping those pretty manicured fingernails...

Along with all the organization that’s going on, Rusty has of course been working diligently (and persistently and constantly and tirelessly...) on the elusive new James Crawford book. As some of you may know, because of the huge book project some other projects have fallen by the wayside: the website in particular. But have no fear my friends; I have been put on the job of bringing the website and coins featured on the website back to life. I am now putting coins up for the whole world to see! And, boy was I overwhelmed the first time I watched Rusty go through the steps of how to actually get from a simple picture of a coin to getting that picture onto the website! It got much better when I started doing it myself, though, because I was able to rewrite the instructions from start to finish in my own words. The rewritten instructions came out to be a total of five pages long, in twelve point font! This is no joke folks! For something that seems so simple when you describe it, there sure are some intricate techniques to get those beautiful images up for the world to see.

Every few days, I now get a sheet of new coins to put onto our website for all of you to drool over.  However, I was worried that one of the first coins I put up would not please the eye but instead make everyone run for the hills… I absolutely swear that Lady Liberty on the 1871-CC Gold Eagle specimen looks possessed! (It is still posted in the "CC" Gold Eagles page if you want to check it out.) And after I mentioned this theory of mine to Rusty, we added a little side caption about the "wild-eyed" Ms. Liberty. In any case, since the store is now getting back to the regular swing of things and has someone dedicated to getting our coins posted on the website, you should shortly be seeing more and more coins stocked in our virtual shelves. Go take a look!

Hope you enjoy this little insight into the lives of all of us here at Southgate Coins. As with the new coin additions, we are always glad to post up a new Weblog for our internet-inclined friends out there in cyberspace.