Construction Complete

Facelift Complete – But I Don’t Look a Day Younger

Over the past two-and-a-half months our shopping center’s new property managers have hosted a string of “facelift” construction projects on the outside buildings of the entire shopping center. The goal was to “update” the look of our center and splash some new paint on the walls.

Now, by being a faithful weblog reader that you are, you already know that we consider anything related to tenant improvements to be a four-letter word. Just the thought of having an outside organization come and disrupt our well-balanced environment is enough to make us scream and run for the hills.

In my July 21st weblog I spoke briefly about this “facelift” procedure and how I actually liked the torn-down look of the old wood paneling, but I think you will agree that the finished product is even better!

Come along with me as we go step-by-step of this major plastic surgery procedure on our store . . .

Southgate Coins’ storefront before the renovation

Above is the traditional "before" picture of the outside of our store.

Southgate Coins is stripped of its fascia during the renovation

The facelift begins as workers strip the walls down to just the inner brown wood.

Southgate Coins without siding

The inside workings of the stucco finish (called the "lath") begin to be put up. Our walls will continue to look like this for a couple of weeks. Good thing we weren't up for any beauty contests.

The Southgate Coins exterior gets prepped for new stucco

Workers are busy preping for the stucco to be put on. What a job that was!

Stucco is complete for the coin shop exterior, but no paint yet

The stucco is now up! All we need now is a nice paint job and our signs back-up. We are getting closer!

The paint is on the walls at the coin shop

The nice paint job is now complete. See how they even had to take the outside gates off our windows? (Maya wasn't too happy at this stage, as we sent her out and had her clean the windows. Someone should volunteer that girl for employee of the week!)

Yesco installs our backlit signage complete with 4ft coins

Finally! No more plastic signs! Yesco Signage Company came out after the paint was dry and put our signage back up. Is it just me or do the signs look even better than before?

The finished exterior of the renovated Southgate Coins

The facelift is complete!!! Look at what a great job the construction team did on really making our store look like new! Thank goodness for plastic surgery . . .

Until Next Time,