January 5, 2008 - The First Snow of 2008

The Sky Is Falling

Rachel, Maya, Marie, and Amy pose in front of the coin shop for the first snow of 2008

The Biggest Little City in the world has been overtaken by the snow clouds from above. Over the past few days, Northern Nevada has been experiencing storm warnings throughout the region (even blizzard warnings at Lake Tahoe) and it does not look like the storm is ready to leave us just yet. Thankfully for us, our store is equipped with individual space heaters at each work desk to keep our fingers typing on the keyboards and our bodies from turning blue. What a beautiful winter wonderland we have before us (that is, if you are not driving in it!). Also, special thanks to customers sending us pictures of where they live, which boast sunny skies and crowded beaches, in hopes of keeping our thoughts nice and warm.

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Southgate Coins owners Rusty and Marie and the coin shop staff pose with the snowfall

(From the left: Rusty, Rachel, Maya, Marie, and Amy)