Holiday Decorating at Southgate

Thanksgiving is finally here and that means it’s time for the holiday season to begin. This is my favorite time of the year. It’s all about food, fun, family, and togetherness. At Southgate Coins, we believe that holidays give us a reason to go all-out and celebrate, and this coming holiday season is no exception. Maya, Crystal, and I (Cara) spent all morning this past Saturday, 11/22/08, turning Southgate Coins into a holiday wonderland, with a 3-foot-tall Santa, garland around the windows, some stockings, wreaths, bells, and even a full 7-foot Christmas tree with “snow” around the bottom. Read on to hear about all our hard (and enjoyable) work...

Southgate Coins owners Rusty & Marie Goe pose with a mini Santa

Rusty and Marie showed up in front of the store with a car and truck full of boxes upon boxes of holiday decorations. Therefore, our day started with all us girls unloading the vehicles and bringing all the goodies inside.

Once we unloaded everything, we began going through all of the boxes and taking out the fun decorations. Crystal took down all the autumn decorations, carefully putting them all back in boxes and replacing them with poinsettias and holiday figurines, while Maya and I put garland, wreaths, and bows up all around the store.

Maya, Cara, and Crystal assemble the coin shop Christmas tree

Once most of the little decorations were hung around the shop, we all started on the most difficult task of the day; setting up the artificial Christmas tree with its already-strung lights. The tree came in three different pieces. We set up the base and with Rusty’s help, and a little bit of muscle, we were able to get the middle piece in place. After some picture taking, Maya placed the top portion of the tree onto the middle section, and then it was finally ready to decorate. We added some pretty glass ornaments, some candy canes, and some multicolored, light-up Coca-Cola glass orbs, which really made the tree look fantastic and colorful. Of course, after we finished decorating the store and the tree, we followed with tradition, and Maya added the very last detail to this picturesque scene: the pretty star tree-topper.

Southgate Coins staff peek around the Christmas tree
Southgate Coins crew decorates the Christmas tree

After cleaning up the mess from all the faux pine needles, as well as all of the boxes everything came in, it was finally time to look around and see what a great job we had done (and we hadn’t even broken one ornament!). After admiring the store, we looked at the clock and saw that it was already one o’clock, and we all realized that there’s much more to get done at Southgate Coins before the holidays arrive, so we all got back to our regular duties. 

Southgate Coins employee Maya puts the star on the Christmas tree

Everyone here at Southgate Coins hopes that you all have a great holiday season, with lots of friends, family, and really good food. And, of course, feel free to drop by our very festive store for a wide variety of numismatic stocking-stuffers.