Brittany's Farewell

I (Brittany) have to say farewell to Southgate Coins and Reno, Nevada. I’m moving back to Las Vegas to be with my family. I will be finishing my schooling in about a year and a half at Nevada State College. Even though I only worked here at Southgate for 3 months, it was the experience of a lifetime. Read on to discover my full feelings of the experience...

Brittany bids farewell to the rest of the staff at Southgate Coins

I was hired onto the team on September 5, 2008, but my first day wasn’t until the 8th. I was very surprised when I came in for my interview, expecting it to last for about 15 or maybe 20 minutes at the most. Well, I was here for almost 3 hours—Now that’s one heck of an interview. I was relieved that I at least got the job after all that time.

I was nervous when I first started, because besides knowing how to spend them, I didn’t know diddley squat about coins and currency. Not to worry though, because between Rusty, Marie, Maya, and Crystal, I was taught the basics of the trade, and, in fact, I still learn something new every day.

I’ve enjoyed being a part of this team, and working for Rusty and Marie, because they are seriously the best bosses that you could ask for. This has been the best job experience that I’ve been able to obtain so far in my young life. The Goes push you to excel to be the best that you can be. They’ve become my family away from home. This especially meant a lot to me, because I have no family in Reno and I’ve had very few friends during my time here. I appreciate them welcoming me with open arms.

This job lets you grow in many different ways: It teaches you how to be a better person, it improves your communication skills, it teaches you to be part of a team, how to multitask, and to meet deadlines. You learn various office skills that you’ll be able to apply in your career. (Whatever field that may be in.)

Free Lunch Fridays are such a bonus. They’re offered as a treat to the employees, which is unnecessary, but very much enjoyed. In addition, the bosses let us celebrate certain holidays, and everyone’s birthdays. This is a job that I’ve learned a lot from, but I was able to learn everything without being overly stressed and pressured.

I would like to thank everyone that contributed to my time here at Southgate coins: the customers, the C4OA members that attended my birthday party, the three wonderful girls that I’ve worked with, and most importantly, Rusty and Marie.

Let me offer a word of advice to the girls that will follow me: At times, everyone around here gets really stressed, and sometimes someone might snap. If it happens, just apologize and move on, everyone here is kind and forgiving. And if the bosses correct your mistakes, don’t take it too personally, because they’re just trying to teach you the right way to do things. Have fun and work hard.

Goodbye to a great coin shop employee

I loved working here and I wish I could take the job with me. My last day was Friday, December 12, 2008, as I got ready to move on by the 17th.

Thanks again to everyone!