ARW's Second Anniversary with SCC

Amy Turns Two—or Something Like That

Amy Williams is honored on her 2nd anniversary at Southgate Coins

With Rusty and Marie celebrating their “silver” wedding anniversary two weeks ago, I suppose it is appropriate to say that I celebrated my “cotton” (or second) anniversary with the company on January 25th.

Hooray! A whole TWO YEARS with Southgate Coins. What an honor it has been working for Rusty and Marie for that amount of time. The knowledge that I have gained over the past twenty-four months surpasses all that I have learned in more than double that amount of time at the university (but don’t tell that to my parents!).

Maya, Marie, and Amy pose with lunch on Amy’s anniversary with the coin shop

Rusty and Marie surprised me with an in-house anniversary party recently. I walked into the shop that morning and was blinded by the HUGE congratulatory poster that Rusty had made for me. (The design of the poster resembled that of all the political posters that are around town. Rusty said that if they can have a huge posters with their names on it, so could I!) And along with the poster, Rusty ordered the most beautifully displayed cake that we have ever seen, topped with a large bow and ribbon. The raspberry and white chocolate bundt cake sat on my desk in the beginning of the day, but then had to be moved due to the cake’s amazing ability to say, “Stop looking at me, and start eating me!” But thankfully, not too much longer after that, we all took the cake’s advice and passed around pieces of it, served underneath a pile of vanilla ice cream. Nothing says “Happy Cotton Anniversary Amy” more than a huge piece of cake and a side of ice cream.

Southgate Coins owners Rusty and Marie Goe present Amy with an achievement sign on her anniversary

It still comes as a shock to me what a difference just one day makes in a person’s life. For instance, my first day on the job, I was clueless to what opportunities and challenges were headed my way. From starting out just as a part-time assistant with four other co-workers with the same job description, to now, where I hold a top title and am responsible for the employees, is something I was never expecting to accomplish—especially in only two years. It is safe to say that I am not as clueless these days when it comes to looking into the future. And may I say that my future in this company looks very bright!

So don’t you blink, before you know it, you’ll be reading a weblog about my “crystal” anniversary.

Until Next Time,