Lillie Joins the Crew

We have Tilley, Willey, and now Lillie!

For all of you pet lovers out there – this weblog is for you.

As some of you might recall, back in May of 2006, Rusty and Marie lost their 3/4 Yorkshire Terrier, 1/4 Poodle dog to heart failure. Gracie was a very beloved dog by all and her absence is still in the front of our minds. She was born on Easter Sunday in 1994 and was properly named “Grace” due to the holiday. Marie and Rusty have two other Yorkies named Mikey and Sonny. And since Gracie left their lives, the boys have been missing their third partner-in-crime.

For the past couple of weeks Marie has been looking into getting a new Yorkie to add to the gang, and after looking over numerous newspaper ads and talking to breeders over the phone, she found one. A little girl Yorkie-poo was born in January of this year and was almost ready to be adopted out of the Sacramento area. Last Saturday, Marie was making plans to meet the breeder to pick-up the puppy in California the following weekend.

After Marie got off the phone, she went on with her day and was looking forward to her next weekend's trip to Sacramento. Rusty pulled me into the conference room and said, “How far would you go to do something nice for somebody?” And, not knowing what I was getting myself into, I replied, “It depends on who it's for.”

After finding out that it was for my Marie, I immediately agreed to help. And all Rusty said after that was, “mission impossible.”

He explained my mission to me as follows: It was up to me to see if I could contact the breeder in Sacramento and see if there was any way for her to meet me in Truckee, California (about forty minutes from Reno) to get the puppy that day without Marie suspecting a thing. Now, this new puppy wasn’t born on Easter like Gracie was, but she would be delivered on Easter (3-23-08). And having the new puppy delivered at Easter time would make it just that much more special for Marie and Rusty.

After pleading my case to the breeder, she agreed to meet me in Truckee (a two-hour drive on her part) and we could get the puppy adopted out that afternoon. I knew that time was not on my side as we close the shop early at three o’clock on Saturdays, and I had to get to Truckee, get the puppy, and get back to Reno before we closed three hours later.

The Goes’ pups: Sonny, Mikey, and Lillie

(Above: left Sonny, middle Lillie, right Mikey)

I told Marie a little white lie and I was off to California to pick-up Marie’s new puppy.

At 2:47 p.m. we rolled into the Southgate Coins parking lot and the surprise was on. Luckily, Marie was busy helping customers up front, so I had time to sneak the little girl into the back unnoticed. Rusty then directed Marie and Maya to come meet me in the conference room to see what I got while running errands. And once Marie looked into the box, she saw her puppy.

With tears in her eyes, all Marie could say was, “How did you guys do this?”

I guess we can say that this was a “mission impossible - accomplished,” and the trio of Yorkies at the Goe’s are back in business.

As for naming the new puppy, instead of naming her “Gracie II” she was named “Lillie,” in honor of the ever popular Easter Lily flowers.

Southgate Coins owner Marie Goe welcomes puppy Lillie into the family

Welcome to the family Little Lillie!

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* PS- if you are wondering about the title of this weblog, Tilley and Willey are the names of my two kitties.