Rusty's Carson City History Lesson

“Reflections of Carson City Entertainment and Recreation During the Carson Mint’s Glory Years”

Lecture at the Carson City Library

Rusty Goe lectures for the Carson City Historical Society

Last night Rusty and I traveled down to Carson City to host a lecture for the Carson City Historical Society’s monthly lecture series. Rusty’s PowerPoint presentation was focused not on “CC” coins this time (gasp!) but rather on the different types of entertainment and recreation that the people of Carson City enjoyed during the 1870s and 1880s. And boy did those guys like to have fun back then! Rusty even commented that he could have presented two lectures on this topic, one focused on indoor entertainment and one on outdoor entertainment.

Along with the PowerPoint, Rusty also brought two large-sized maps of the Lake Tahoe area from the 1880s as well as some sound clips of performances from that time period to “wow” the crowd even further.

Attendees of Rusty Goe’s lecture in Carson City

This type of subject matter has never been presented to an audience before last night. And I'm sure that the crowd enjoyed knowing that they were the first to be presented with this fresh-off-the-press research.

If you are feeling a little left out about not knowing the details of the presentation, might I suggest picking up the book, James Crawford: Master of the Mint at Carson City written by Rusty Goe.

This great book includes some of the aspects presented in the lecture.

But, way to go Rusty! You did it again by enlightening yet another group of people on the subject about the time and place that you love the most.

Special thanks also to Sue Ballew and Andi of the Carson City Historical Society and to Darla from Channel 10 for helping us during the big event.

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