Lots Shakin' Around Southgate Coins

As with each week that goes by here at Northern Nevada's favorite coin shop, we've experienced some events worth mentioning to our cyber-watchers. Read on to catch up on the news...

Lots of Things Shakin’ Around Southgate Coins

This past weekend Rusty hosted a good friend and client at the shop and on a tour of the area. It was only a weekend-trip, but it was definitely jam-packed with adventurous outings for the two friends. Rusty's guest taught our own coin guru (Rusty) the fine art of metal detecting, and Rusty in turn treated him to a first-hand tour of the Nevada State Museum (the former Carson City Mint) including a special viewing of the museum's world class collection of "CC" coins.

Our guest arrived on Friday afternoon  bearing gifts for all of the employees here at the store. Since he hailed from Washington State, it was only appropriate that he brought Seattle’s Best coffee mugs, each with a sampling of that company's fine coffee. Of course, since we’re all coffee-drinkers, we were certainly pleased with the gifts!

Continuing the fun with his out-of-state visitor, Rusty “took Saturday off” to go out metal detecting around Carson City Proper, and into the foothills surrounding the city.

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe and C4OAer Bruce Thayer go metal detecting

Unfortunately, Rusty was only able to dig up a few Lincoln Cents, some bottle caps, and a few clad coins, but for a first outing it was very educational. Knowing Rusty I’m sure he'll continue scavenging for hidden treasures beneath the surface around Northern Nevada.

As for their Saturday pit-stop trip to the old Carson City Mint, our guest was certainly enlightened with Rusty’s encyclopedic knowledge of the coins that were produced in that historic building. As a collector, I’m sure that he gained a new respect for the coins that he’s been so enthusiastically accumulating.

Southgate Coins employees Maya and Crystal

I’m sure all of you weblog-readers that have been following the happenings at Southgate Coins for the past two and a half years are familiar with Southgate staffer, Amy. Unfortunately, we must inform everyone that we were sorry to say goodbye to her a couple weeks ago. We certainly wish her the best.

In other staff news, we're delighted to mention that we have a new trainee. Crystal will be learning the ropes and acquring the lingo of a shop assistant in the field of numismatics, and she'll be gaining skills to aid Rusty and Marie in running their wonderful “biggest little coin shop in the world.”

I hope everyone is enjoying the hot (and somewhat smokey) environment here in Reno, and if you’re viewing this weblog out of town, I and everyone at Southgate wish you the best in this first week of summer.


PS- For all you Reno Rodeo fans, due to recent events at the shop, this will be the first time in many years that we will not be dressing up like cowgirls and cowboys for the event. But just know we are still wearing pointed-toe boots and Stetson hats in spirit! Yee haw y’all!