You Never Know Who Might Drop in at Southgate Coins

Sometimes it's like Grand Central Station here at Southgate Coins, with crowds of people coming and going. And sometimes in the midst of everyday business it's like old (and young) friends reunion week. Summer is shaping up to be a wonderful season for re-uniting with good friends. Please read on to learn about a couple such occasions...

Summer Visitors Continue Flocking to Southgate Coins

Our store isn’t seasonal in terms of when our favorite visitors drop in to say hello. We’re open 12 months a year, and practically every day except Sundays and a few much-needed timeouts, and we’re blessed with visits from friends in all four seasons. But it does seem as if summertime generates a little more visitor traffic than do other times of the year. No matter when it is we’re always grateful to see our out-of-state customers, C4OA members, and even unexpected new acquaintances (of course we gladly welcome our local friends as well).

At the end of the second week of July we were delighted to see several out-of-staters pay us visits. We welcomed friends from California, Idaho, and Florida and enjoyed good fellowship and the exchange of coin stories and other interesting topics of conversation.

Early in the day on Friday the 11th, our good friend, and fellow C4OAer from Florida, Tom DeFina (of Word Treasure Hunt fame) showed up with his teenage daughter Ashli. We had a great time and of course took some pictures (which you can see below).

C4OAer Tom DeFina and his daughter Ashli stop in at Southgate Coins

Later on that same day, the paths of two other C4OAers converged at our doorstep when Paul Sudmeier from Idaho and Mitchell Yee from California arrived with lots of coins to share during our show-and-tell session (pictures below).

C4OA Treasurer Paul Sudmeier and club member Mitchell Yee visit the coin shop

The two of them joined Rusty for an entertaining and appetite-pleasing evening out at a popular Reno restaurant.

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe meets with Paul and Mitchell to talk coins

No sooner had all of our weekend’s guests departed on their separate ways then Rusty prepared for his two-day trip to Dallas to view auction lots. This is a prep for his end-of-the-month trip back to Baltimore where Rusty will lead the annual meeting of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America and participate in auctions and other dealer-to-dealer business (we’ll have pictures to share of his trip I’m sure).

Summer officially has about two more months remaining before we head into the fall, and we hope to see other good friends arriving at our shop to say hello during this warm (and smoky) season. And for those of you who aren’t able to make it this summer, remember, we’re here all year round. Stop by and see us sometime; you’re always welcome.