A Great Big New Year's Hello from Southgate Coins

Hello to all you faithful weblog readers! It’s now officially 2009, and Southgate Coins would love to be one of the many to welcome you to what is sure to be a very interesting new year! We’re just as busy as ever around here, and we’re delighted to say that we survived our brief downtime to take inventory, and we’re now back in full-swing. Read on for more...

Every year around this time, headaches start to creep into the minds of business owners all over the world. Even with the excitement of New Year’s celebrations and lots of yummy holiday food, there’s always a looming thought on everybody’s mind—“Dang, when I get back to work, I have to brave the transition from last year to this year!” Every one of us faces this stress, even those who are only frazzled by having to change out a calendar.

Rusty’s office gets a much needed cleanup at the coin shop

At Southgate Coins, we’re no different. Aside from our “big annual inventory,” all of the staffers have been busy making digital and paper files for 2009, cleaning the store to make it spiffy, and wrapping up all of our end-of-year reports. Of course, we’re immersed in preparation for the publication of our spring 2009 edition of the Carson City Coin Collectors of America’s Curry’s Chronicle—our little club’s 15th quarterly journal to date. As some of you may well know, the C4OA is our thriving, non-profit organization, based right here at Southgate Coins.

With the swapping out of all the calendars comes a few other duties, too. Just like last year, we all took turns scrubbing the floor (Cinderella-style) so that we could give it a double coat of wax before school started again and all the girls’ schedules would be more stretched. We even took a stab at clearing out Rusty’s office, which is by no means an easy feat. Sometimes the most we can do is remove, reorganize, and replace. But, I have to say, that is why we call it the “cave.”

With having finished the “igloo” of Proof and Mint sets (and now tackling Rusty’s “cave”), and Cara swapping out all the files while tidying up the store, we’ve all been up to our ears in to-do tasks. I even decided to start using a notebook this year to organize to-do tasks.

Southgate Coins owners Rusty & Marie pose with their world-class staffers

Aside from the hustle-and-bustle of our little brick-and-mortar store, we’re all very glad to have co-workers, who are like family—always there to help you through the difficult times, and constantly applauding you as you succeed. With the dawning of this new year came a new employee, and all of veterans will be striving to develop all of her potential into the Southgate girl we know she’s capable of becoming. We’re glad to have you in the family, Nicole!

Everyone at Southgate Coins wishes everyone in cyberland a safe and happy transition into the New Year. We hope that you meet new people, inherit fortunes, and maybe even keep your New Year’s resolution, for once!

Happy New Year from Southgate Coins.