Hear Ye! Hear Ye! - A New Proclamation in the Realm of the Coin Wizard

The other day, I (Maya) received an oblong, awkward-looking package here at the store, via our local UPS driver. I wasn’t sure whether I should refuse the delivery, because to my knowledge we weren’t expecting it, and it looked like it had just barely held together during its trip to get here. But, after seeing who it was from, and getting the “okay” from Marie to accept it, we all had a little laugh when we found out what it was. Read on for more...

Southgate Coins owner Rusty Goe receives a sign the fits his personality

As the story goes, you (and your little dog, too) are wandering around the crazy land of Oz, encountering talking scarecrows, squeaky tin men, sissy lions, evil witches, and a variety of other oddities, all the while trying to make your way to this elusive “Emerald City.” When you find your way there (after many trials with the witch), you’re supposed to talk with the Wizard so he can get you back to your home, but upon your arrival, you’re greeted with a very rude remark from the guard at the Wizard’s castle:

"Nobody gets in to see the Wizard. Not nobody. Not no how!”

These classic words were the ones inscribed on a slab of burgundy-colored wood contained in the box I mentioned. It was ready to be hung proudly over the office of Southgate Coin’s resident Wizard—Rusty Goe.

So, who could have presented us with such a contradictory (you’ll learn what I mean shortly)display? None other than Marie’s daughter, Teresa. You see, the thought expressed on the sign is such an anomaly when compared with Rusty’s true relationship with his employees. Rusty is arguably the most accessible boss on the planet. Only a person who knew how open Rusty’s door really was (Teresa) would be able to pick out such a perfect gift like this.

After promptly mounting the sign above Rusty's office (dubbed "the cave"), we agreed that there was only one thing that we’d ever add to it: a parenthetical phrase that read:

“Nobody gets in to see the Wizard. Not nobody. Not no how! (Unless they knock!)

We’re all very happy to see Rusty so pleased with his new office adornment, and would very much like to thank Teresa and her family for presenting us with such a terrific, laughter-inducing gift. We’ll all try our hardest to honor the Wizard’s new public proclamation in the future... Not!

From everyone here at the “Emerald City of coins,” we hope you’re having a wonderful start to the new year. If you happen to be getting homesick for a certain place, however, “just tap your heels together three times” and, well, you know the drill!