A Very Heartwarming (and Cold-Nosed) Bosses Day

If you didn't know, today is National Bosses Day. Traditionally, the Southgate crew honors their two bosses, Rusty and Marie Goe, with anything from a real Free Lunch Friday (our treat), to a nice card and warm wishes. We always try to make that extra little effort to let them know that even though work can be tough, we know that we’re appreciated here. And we want to reciprocate that appreciation on any occasion (and for any reason) we can.

This year, National Bosses day fell during a time of much heartache for the Goes. If you’ve read our previous Weblog, you’ll know that earlier this month, their beloved ten-and-a-half-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Sonny, died tragically while boarding at a pet daycare facility. Over this time, we’ve tried to be as supportive of Marie and Rusty as we could, knowing that there’s no true way to reconcile their grief.

During this hard time, I was secretly informed that the Goes would be adopting two new, girly additions to their furry family, and that these little female dogs would be making their debut today. Now, there will be two, new baby Yorkie puppies (yet to be named) in the Goe family.

Southgate Girls celebrate Boss' Day!

With this knowledge at hand, I secretly got together some pet supplies as well as the traditional Bosses Day card, which I had all the Southgate girls sign.

Armed with these tokens of well-wishing, I had to really coordinate a plan so that I could sneak in the gifts without anyone knowing what they were. (Marie and Rusty couldn’t see their presents, and the girls couldn’t know what was inside the gift bag because it would ruin the surprise of the new puppies' arrival for them, too) Thankfully, I had an extra-fluffy purple sweater that worked wonderfully to hide just such “contraband.”

Knowing that I wanted to do a Bosses Day Weblog, I had each of the girls express what being employed at Southgate means to them. Here are their responses:

From Nicole:

Working at Southgate Coins has opened me up to so many new things that I never thought possible, nor did I even know existed. It has been a truly rewarding experience to be able to work with such knowledgeable, reputable, and hard-working bosses, Marie and Rusty, and with such a lovely staff of girls who always keep me on my toes. I have never been taught so much at a job, and although at times it can be very intense, Rusty and Marie are always there for support and guidance. As bosses, they go so out of their way with celebrations, birthdays, Free Lunch Fridays, and so much more! I have learned so much in my 10 months of working at Southgate, and anticipate so much more time with two bosses I’m sure to never ever forget!

From Cara:

Working at Southgate Coins this past year has been an adventure. Being an employee here has allowed me to experience and learn many things that I never thought I would. Rusty and Marie have created an environment that fosters growth as well as good work ethic. Working here is so much more than just another job. I believe that above all, working at Southgate Coins means family. I enjoy coming into work everyday knowing that I am going to be greeted by Marie’s smile and a warm hello from Rusty. Rusty and Marie work so hard to accommodate our school schedules as well as recognize important events like each one of the girl’s birthdays. Both of them make all of us girls feel important in our own way.

I sincerely appreciate all that Marie and Rusty have done for me over this past year. They are truly great bosses.

From Crystal:

Working here for over a year has sure been interesting. There is so much I that I’ve learned about coins that I don’t think I’ll ever look at coins the same way again. I’ve gotten taught what to look at when viewing a coin for describing, and also about varieties and rarities. I’ve even gotten lucky enough to see a few truly rare, unique, and fascinating coins. *Laughs* I’m sure all you coin collectors can appreciate what it would be like having Rusty as a mentor on a regular basis—all the Southgate girls are so lucky.

On top of that, there are all the special occasions that I’ve gotten to participate in: birthday celebrations, dress-up days, holiday celebrations, and even the fantastic all-day golf tournament. Don’t get me wrong, working here can be hard work, but I’ve learned more just by working here in a year then I have in a year at school. Plus it’s a joy going into work, being wanted, and feeling like I truly belong. Here, we’re not just bosses and employees, we’re friends too.

Thanks girls. Of course, I (Maya) couldn’t wrap up this Weblog without sharing my own thoughts:

Over the past two-and-a-half years, I have come to have a family-away-from-family with Rusty and Marie. They’ve gotten to watch me go through some good and bad times, and have continued to support me through whatever comes down the pike. I know that they appreciate me, and they have never faltered in expressing that appreciation whenever they can. I hope that they know that when they go through bad times, I aim to be just as supportive, and I understand that life happens. Sometimes it’s not always fun or fair, but you deal with what you can, and you continually strive to become better.

Southgate Coins staff gift puppy sweaters to owners Rusty & Marie on Boss's Day 

Rusty and Marie, we all know you’ve had a very hard month, but we want you to know that your “A-team” is here for you 100%.

Hopefully, this Bosses Day will be a pleasant one to remember.


Maya, Nicole, Cara, and Crystal