An Early Valentine's Day Celebration!

As you all know, Friday the 13th is supposed to be an unlucky day, on which bad things happen. Evidence of that is all the scary movies that have debuted on this notorious day. But, even though Jason might be exacting his revenge on innocents at Camp Crystal Lake, everybody at Southgate Coins is hardly feeling the effects of superstitious curses. Instead, we enjoyed a fun-filled (and very busy) Friday-the-13th-day-before-Valentine’s Day. Read on for more…

Rusty joins in on Valentine’s Day fun at Southgate Coins

Here at Southgate Coins it’s very rare for us to have a full crew of five girls, since that’s our maxed-out staff allowance. But just recently, we welcomed our newest team member—Shyla Pheasant. (She’ll be introducing herself later on in this weblog.) Knowing that a full crew is rare for us, you have to imagine there was something special in store for us.

Since this is a very superstitious day, we all wondered what calamity might befall us. But to our surprise, we were spared a bad-luck crisis! Instead, we all worked busily throughout the day, with more than enough tasks on our to-do lists to keep us occupied. And although everyone knew that it was Free Lunch Friday, no one knew what our bosses had in store for us!

Southgate Coins staff enjoys celebrate Valentine’s Day at the coin shop

Here’s Cara to tell you about our special lunch treat:

As many of you know, every Friday is Free Lunch Friday here at Southgate Coins. But today was another one of those special Free Lunch Fridays. Rusty, being the sneaky man that he is, managed to have Marie order pizza from our favorite pizza place, the Blind Onion, without any of us knowing. The friendly pizza delivery girl arrived with three, steaming hot pizzas, and being the picture-happy people that we are, we asked her to pose for a picture, which she reluctantly agreed to do. After the pizzas were served, we all sat in the conference office (aka Switzerland ) and munched away. We were able to choose from pepperoni, Canadian bacon with pepperoni, and mushroom, pepperoni and sausage pizza. Maya and Shyla dipped the crust of their pizzas into honey while Crystal and I dipped our pizza slices into ranch dressing. Nicole arrived later in the afternoon, and since we saved a few slices for her, she didn’t have to miss out completely. After we were done stuffing our stomachs full of the best pizza in town, it was time to get back to our busy workday... Or so we thought.

Now, here’s our newest team member Shyla to tell you about our special surprise:

Close-up of the Girls Rule charm that Rusty Goe gave the Southgate Coins staff

Hi, my name is Shyla! I’m currently a full-time student at UNR and I’m very excited to be working at Southgate Coins!!! This is my third week on the job, and I’m finding that working here isn’t anything like most jobs. I have too much fun working for Rusty, Marie, and with all the girls, for this job to seem like a job! There’s always something to do, and always plenty of pictures to pose for.

Today was a big picture day, and a special day at that. As all of you know, tomorrow is Valentines Day! Rusty pleasantly surprised all of us girls with beautiful silver “Girls Rule” charm necklaces. This motto couldn’t be more true, especially at Southgate Coins. I love working in this family-like atmosphere, because it really does feel like a family. I look forward to becoming more involved in all of the activities that take place here.

But, I wasn’t the only one that was excited. Now here’s Nicole to express her thoughts on today’s activities:

Southgate Coins staffers Nicole and Maya show off their necklaces at the coin shop

Well its Valentine’s Day Eve and it couldn’t have gone any better at Southgate Coins! I was the last to arrive this afternoon and I was so thrilled that the girls (Maya, Crystal, Cara, and Shyla) saved me some pizza from their Free Lunch Friday! It was such a nice and generous surprise. Soon after I arrived, Rusty surprised us all with a wonderful gift: He got all of us girls these beautiful “Girls Rule” necklaces! It put a smile on all our faces as we laughed and helped each other put them around our necks. Then Rusty took tons of pictures of us with our new necklaces, since it was one of the rare days where all five of us girls worked together! It’s a good thing none of us is photo shy!

Now, we’re all doing our part to make the store look gorgeously tidy and really spiffy. That way after our weekend we can come back to a sparkling clean store.

Color-coordinated Southgate Coins employees celebrate Valentine’s Day

Thanks, Nicole! Well it was certainly a pleasant gesture from Rusty to give all of us the adorable necklaces. I (Maya) told him when he was taking close-ups of my necklace that it was like being in a dentist’s chair posing for x-rays. As you can see in the pictures, it was definitely worth the effort though, don’t you think?

I hope that everyone has a very sweet and loving Valentine’s Day. And, if you happen to be feeling the effects of a not-so-good Friday the 13th, you should stop by Southgate Coins and let us cheer you up. After all, “Girls Rule!”

-Maya, Cara, Shyla, and Nicole