Rusty's Birthday Bash

Every year around this time, we host a slew of events, and this year was no exception. This past Friday (May 22) started off a wave of excitement at Southgate Coins. After all, it was Rusty’s big birthday celebration. Read on to see how the celebration went.

C4OA Treasurer stops in for Rusty Goe's birthday at Southgate Coins

On Friday, Rusty walked into Southgate Coins to find that Marie and Maya had placed birthday decorations in various spots around the store to help get everyone into the birthday spirit.

For lunch, we got Mexican food from one of Rusty’s favorite places—Cantina Los Tres Hombres. We also had a visit from our friendly C4OA treasurer, Paul Sudmeier. All of the girls, Paul and Rusty piled into the conference office for a very rare occasion—Free Lunch Friday—with Rusty joining us, while Marie watched the front for us.

The food was delicious, as always, and when everyone finished eating, Marie and Maya came in with a low-carb birthday cake surrounded with many high-carb cupcakes. We then all sang “Happy Birthday” to our favorite boss, and took pictures as he blew out the candles.

Southgate Coins honors owner Rusty Goe on his birthday

Unfortunately, everyone was full from lunch, so we weren’t able to eat the cakes right away… we saved them for later. Instead we started distributing presents.

Marie got Rusty three wonderful wall decorations: one was a framed letter to Rusty from U.S. Senator Harry Reid, congratulating him on the James Crawford book, another was a Curry’s Chronicle 3rd-place award for the 2008 “Outstanding Specialty Numismatic Publication” from the ANA. The last wall decoration was a huge map of Lake Tahoe from 1874.

Then, Maya handed Rusty a new book, Reno Now and Then. It’s rather dangerous to get Rusty a book for a present, because he always seems to get all the ones he wants before anyone else has a chance to, but this year Maya (with Marie’s help) made sure that Rusty didn’t have this new book about Reno, just so he could get it on his Birthday. Good job, Maya!

Southgate Coins owner Rusty receives his "Best Boss" trophy

Rusty then opened a gift that all of us girls got him. It was a trophy with an eagle on top with the words “Best Boss of All Time” inscribed below it, so that Rusty would always know just how we all feel about him.

Southgate Coins owner displaying his bronze trophy

The last thing Marie did for Rusty, was really a gift that Rusty created for his C4OA members—a new club website. Marie worked with our current website administrators to get the new C4OA website formatted so it could go live. It was really astonishing. Visit it at Before I forget, let me mention Paul’s special gift to Rusty. It was an absolutely funny card that played aloud the song “You were born LONG ago. Long-ago-long-ago-LONG-a-go!” to the tune of Figaro. That little card became the highlight of our entire weekend!